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Evolution (LZR-1143 #2) by Bryan James

by Bryan James

My rating: 4 stars

Series: LZR1143 - Book 2
Publication Date: December 4, 2013
Publisher: Bryan James
Genre: Horror | Sci-fi
Print Length: 394 pages
Available from: Amazon
The dead have risen. A lethal virus has decimated millions, turning the infected into the walking dead.

Society has crumbled, cities are in flames, and the human race is on the verge of extinction.

Somehow, Mike McKnight has survived. So far. From his cell in a mental institution, he battled the ghosts of his past and the throngs of undead to uncover and retrieve the last vestige of mankind's hope to fight the deadly plague.

Now, from the deck of an aircraft carrier, to the farmlands of the Eastern Shore and the very heart of the nation's capital, Mike carries the hope of an entire race. With him rides the only chance at fighting the spread of the virus, and turning back the tide of infection.

But the undead are changing. They are evolving. Hunting in larger groups and banding together to track their prey, that are more dangerous predators than ever before. To survive, he will have to learn to adapt, and to come to grips with the most important evolution of all: his own.

 Evolution (LZR-1143 #2) by Bryan James

Evolution means change, evolving into something different, sometimes good, sometimes bad and for our hero, Mike the ex-movie star, his evolution is amazing, from pampered star to insane inmate to post-apocalyptic hero on a mission, just short of being a super hero, his sense of timing is still amazing. The evolution of the zombies, seeming to be smarter, more organized and now banding together, is not so good for our hero or humanity. The virus that claimed them is decimating the world population and the cure is running for his life trying to get to a safe haven.

Who can be trusted? Can Mike make it to the people who will help him save the world? Is it possible that a man used to playing the action hero may have become one in reality? Will he get the girl in the end? Will he survive to the end?

Bryan James is back with Evolution and the action is just as intense, the gore is just as gross and the political intrigue is getting even more twisted as truths are found and more questions are raised as what is left of humanity gets a little more feral with each passing day. Follow Mike and Kate as their guardian angels must be working overtime to get them to safety and the scientists they think can use their secrets to save the world.

Let go of reality once again, prepare for humor in the strangest of circumstances and know that heroes will die in an effort to end the zombie foodfest.


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