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Infection (LZR-1143 #1) by Bryan James
by Bryan James

My rating: 4 stars

Series: LZR-1143 - Book 1
Publication Date: June 25, 2010
Publisher: Bryan James
Genre: Sci-fi
Print Length: 330 pages
Available from: Amazon

Mike McKnight was an action movie star, condemned to a lifetime of incarceration in a psychiatric prison for the murder of someone he loves.

At least until the zombies showed up.

From his cell in the asylum, he is suddenly thrust into a nightmare of unbelievable proportions when the dead rise, and rapidly become a horrific plague on the world of the living.

From Long Island to the burbs to the country, Mike fights to stay alive, to recover his memories, and to retrieve a cure for the most threatening disease the world has ever known.

 Infection (LZR-1143 #1) by Bryan James

Celebrities, always in the spotlight, right? Mike was a popular action movie star, when he claimed he had no memory of his wife’s brutal murder, he is convicted of criminal insanity and locked away. But did he do it? How could he remember if they keep him doped up on medications? And then it happened, he began seeing zombies, had he lost his mind for real or was there something horrendous going on? If Mike thought his life had become nightmare before, the world he would escape into would make anything before that pale in comparison.

Governments are collapsing under the gory chaos of the walking dead and the world becomes fodder for the living dead. Will his acting give him an edge in survival? Will the props he used on the big screen be his training ground to survival? With the help of a beautiful psychiatrist, an unlikely band of heroes are born. It is a time for survival of the fittest, or the luckiest and Mike plans on being among them.

LZR-1143:Infection by Bryan James is a zombie aficionado’s dream, a little over-the-top, a little terrifying, and full of gore, close encounters and even humor! Mike is pure Hollywood relying on his glory days in the spotlight and his ego to keep him moving as his ragtag group of survivors fight their way to safety. Prepare for mystery, madness and the sound of tearing flesh as a dark secret begins to unravel amidst the fall of humanity and human decency.

Fast-paced, riddled with blood, humor and lots of action, a fun read that is hard to put down.


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