Saturday, July 30, 2016

Riker's Calling by Rico Lamoureux

Riker's Calling
by Rico Lamoureux

My rating: 3.5 stars

Publisher: (August 4, 2016)
Publication Date: August 4, 2016
Genre: Mystery | Thriller | Intrigue
Print Length: 110 pages
Available from: Amazon
From school bullies to the crime-ridden streets of his hometown of Los Angeles, Jeremy Riker has always felt the need to do something about the injustice surrounding him. Just as he sets out on his journey as an urban warrior, he unknowingly gives rise to an obsessive adversary, who ends up becoming one of the most notorious serial killers the city has ever known. Dubbed by the news media as The Spyderco Killer, the methodical psychopath roots himself deep into Riker's life for the long haul, until his own madness propels everything into an intense climax.  

Riker's Calling by Rico Lamoureux

Riker's CallingRoll the mental camera, sit back and enjoy a brief tale of intrigue and mystery. As the main character, Jeremy Riker fights the injustices in the world around him, he becomes the focus of a mysterious psychopath as the media gives this dark and twisted killer his place in public infamy.
Unable to become a police officer, Jeremy becomes a P.I. with an eye to solving the unsolvable crimes and discovers his connection to the deadly serial killer. Now he must stop this madman before the death count rises as he works against time to discover the who and why of these brutal acts.

Riker’s Calling by Rico Lamoureux is gritty, raw and is filled with drama and suspense. After a lightening quick opening and some heavy action, we learn more about what makes Riker tick through flashbacks. With few missteps, this author pulls in his readers and gives them a crime thriller with truly human characters. A few more pages would have fleshed out this tale and given it more meat to sink our teeth into, although, for a quick read when the reader wants some down and dirty grit, this makes for some good reading!

I received an ARC edition from Rico Lamoureux in exchange for my honest review.

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