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Sweet Bear O'Mine by Lily Cahill (Wild Harts: Rockstar Shifters Book 1)

Sweet Bear O' Mine
by Lily Cahill

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Wild Harts: Rockstar Shifters - Book 1
Publisher: Nameless Shameless Women LLC (July 8, 2016)
Publication Date: July 8, 2016
ISBN-10: 1533584621
ISBN-13: 978-1533584625
Genre: Shifter Romance
Print Length: 168 pages
Available from: Amazon

Jax Hart knows exactly what his smile can do to women. As the lead guitarist of Wild Harts, Jax has taken advantage of everything his smoking looks, rockstar fame, and raw talent have given him. But that’s before he sees her in the front row--his fated mate. He’d left Montana behind hoping to rid himself of shifter lore and clan power struggles, but he can’t deny what he’s feeling … or what his bear is demanding. Now, he just has to convince Tiff Anderson they’re soulmates before his band hits the road. And before a danger from his past comes back to exact revenge.

Tiff Anderson wouldn’t have even gone to see Wild Harts if her best friend hadn’t dragged her. But she has to admit, the Hart brothers are hot—especially sexy guitarist Jax. Despite an instant connection, Tiff can’t forget Jax’s reputation. Is she just one more woman in a string of broken hearts he leaves behind? Rumors are swirling, obscuring the real danger—a threat that lurks in plain sight, waiting for the perfect moment to destroy Jax and Tiff’s love for good.

Together, Jax and Tiff can conquer anything in their way … but only if they can look past the lies and learn to trust each other.

The Hart brothers have set the music world on fire since their debut album dropped. They’ve relished the rockstar lifestyle … and all the perks that come with it. But these four alpha brothers are more than just rockstars. The Hart brothers are bear shifters, and each one of them has a curvy mate fated just for them … if they can look beyond the limelight. Can they find a way to tame their rockstar personas and satisfy the bears lurking inside? True happiness and wild success awaits, but only if these ladies can find a way into their Hart.

 Sweet Bear O'Mine by Lily Cahill
(Wild Harts: Rockstar Shifters Book 1)

Fate, fur, fans and one of the hottest and wickedly wild rockstars falls in love and lust and his future mate doesn’t believe a word he is saying. Jax Hart, bear shifter, rockstar and all around manwhore took just one look at Tiff Anderson and he became a cuddly teddy bear for love. Too bad Tiff, a little overweight, always the sidekick to the hot girl, the one no one remembers is not about to become his latest conquest, fodder for fat girl jokes, or broken-hearted fool. So, not only does Jax have to convince her they are soulmates, but he must expose his furry side, too.

Lily Cahill is back and the steam is rising as Sweet Bear O’Mine as one troubled shifter/rockstar finds his hearts delight in the eyes of a woman with heart, attitude and her own set of demons chasing around inside her head.

What can I say, these two are cute, and although I’m not totally sure I know them well, I certainly discovered how SMOKIN’ HOT their chemistry was! What I’m saying is, if you are looking for a quick, light read, with a dash of conflict and a whole lotta heat, have some fun with this one! You will never look at your favorite Teddy Bear the same again!

I received this copy from Lily Cahill in exchange for my honest review.

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