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Unholy Code by Thomas Waite (Lana Elkins, #3)

Unholy Code
by Thomas Waite

Publisher: Marlborough Press (July 12, 2016)
Publication Date: July 12, 2016
ISBN-10: 1532871120
ISBN-13: 978-1532871122
Genre: Espionage | Terrorism
Print Length: 310 pages
Available from: Barnes & Noble | Amazon

The “Summer of Blood” explodes. The U.S. is under siege from foreign jihadists and domestic terrorists. When a brilliant exploit strikes at the heart of the National Security Agency’s own network, former NSA operative Lana Elkins discovers that it came from within the United States itself. More surprising still is the attacker: “Steel Fist,” a cyber-savvy radical white supremacist whose legions feed on his anti-Islamic exhortations. His popularity only grows when a jihadist team carries out a bold, but baffling, attack on the Louisiana coast, bringing ashore a lethal invader no one can see.

Most mysterious of all are Golden Voice, a hacker of unparalleled skill with a murderous agenda and a secret past, and Tahir Hijazi, a Muslim refugee from Sudan with his own shadowy history. When Tahir’s young nephew starts dating Lana’s daughter Emma, Steel Fist calls upon his fans to embark on a new mission: assassinate the entire Elkins family.

As extremists battle each other—with Lana fighting both ends from the middle—the conflict becomes deeply personal, the stakes tragically high.

In Thomas Waite’s edgiest tale yet, battles savage the American heartland, shaking the very foundations of the world’s mightiest nation

Unholy Code by Thomas Waite (Lana Elkins, #3)
Unholy Code (Lana Elkins #3)Spy versus Spy or Hacker versus Hacker versus Hacker and citizens of the world are caught in the middle as radical Islamists bring terror and deadly attacks to the U.S. When a vile White Supremacist begins to flood the net with his messages of hate and intolerance, former NSA operative, Lana Elkins is assigned to track, hack and crack the location of “Steel Fist.” But is he the only hacker out there destroying the secrets of the government or is another vigilante also creating back doors and traps with their own agenda?

Upper echelon computer genius, mother and sort of wife, Lana becomes the target of revenge when her family is marked for death by Steel Fist. When her teen daughter falls for a Muslim boy, nowhere will be safe to hide. Lana is caught between duty to country and the crippling fear of a mother when events steal her daughter from her.

Unholy Code by Thomas Waite is a dark and vicious tale of intrigue, hatred and the mass frenzy one twisted genius can wreak on the masses. Without hesitation, Thomas Waite depicts scenes of graphic violence with cringe-worthy clarity, playing the fears and prejudices of a world in turmoil. His characters flesh and blood, opinionated and often far too mysterious to truly understand as the current events of the day are chewed up and spit out in fictitious form.

His tale is one of sad realism and will cause one to look into their own reactions as they read his well-thought out tale. I found myself asking myself, how much hatred and lack of acceptance of our differences does it take to destroy the world completely and how much goes unreported as we worry about what kind of latte to have? Who are the real villains and who should we be the most afraid of?
Brutal, frightening and thought provoking throughout.

I received this copy from Marlborough Press in exchange for my honest review.

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