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What Haunts Me by Margaret Millmore (Ghost Killer Book 1)

What Haunts Me
by Margaret A. Millmore

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Ghost Killer - Book 1
Publisher: Creativia; 2 edition (December 14, 2015)
Publication Date: December 14, 2015
Genre: Paranormal | Ghosts
Print Length: 203 pages
Can you kill something that's already dead?

George is plagued by strange dreams — nighttime visions of ghosts who wander among the living and infect their victims with deformity and disease. A deeply buried instinct emerges: he can kill these monsters and heal their victims.

Haunted by suppressed memories, George’s sanity begins to slip away as he becomes consumed with his new responsibility. This dark and dangerous path will lead to new friends and allies, and enemies George never could have imagined.

The first novel in Margaret Millmore's Ghost Killer series, What Haunts Me is a mesmerizing paranormal thriller.

What Haunts Me by Margaret Millmore (Ghost Killer Book 1)

What Haunts Me - Ghost Killer - Book 1Are they among us, wreaking havoc, pain and causing brutal deaths? Why are they here? Why can’t we see them? Who will be their next victim? Who will save us from the unknown evil that lurks among us from beyond the grave? Who knew that with one bout of the flu, an inner hero and warrior would be born and he may become the most powerful tool to stop the evil hauntings of humans and the demons who lurk in the shadows?

George tell us his story and it is certainly frightening to think that evil could be looking over our shoulders. Seems George has had a secret power awakened within him. Not only can he see ghosts, he instinctively knows to stab them with anything, just a poke and poof, they are gone and the living being they were torturing, through pain, disease or physical infirmity is no longer afflicted. What would “possess” a ghost to be so vile?

Like an intriguing ghost story that raises a normal and forgettable guy like George to a man struggling to fulfill a mission, clueless, but willing to do what every hero will do, risk it all for others? ? First, more than anything, George needs answers and trust me, the secret group who has found him has answers, none of which he likes, especially the part where he is the target for one man, demons and ghosts who would use him for their own selfish reasons. Allies abound as the circle of knowledge widens, but everything rests on George’s shoulders… Such a hero needs a partner of near equal power and well, her attitude is just a plus, but are they prepared for they may face, heck can they even get along?

What Haunts Me by Margaret Millmore is a rather unique take on ghosts, hauntings and the secret heroes who help keep the world safe. Far from tortuously dark and foreboding, there is enough delving into the unknown to hook readers into needing more information! Margaret Millmore has cast her own spell on haunting and given it a feel that anything is possible, including a rather unlikely hero who takes his work seriously, especially when discovering the losses his family has faced.

Not too dark, while being entertaining and well-written, Ms. Millmore invites you to enter if you dare!

I received this copy from Margaret Millmore in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Thank you Dii! Book 2, The Edge of the Cemetery is now available