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A Girl Named Calamity by Danielle Lori (Alyria, #1)

A Girl Named Calamity
by Danielle Lori

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Alyria - Book 1
Publication Date: July 13, 2016
Publisher: Danielle Lori
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 246 pages
Available from: Amazon
I was a simple farm girl living in the magical land, Alyria, where men ruled and women only existed.
Call me sheltered. Call me naive. I was probably both. I never expected to be the key to Alyria's destruction.
The journey I was on wasn't only one to save me. But one where I had a lot of learning to do. With men. With magic. And with myself.
But I wasn't alone. No. I had an escort. One I wasn't so sure about. But one I couldn't afford to lose and one I wasn't so sure I could even leave.
I had many hopes. But the most important one was that my name wouldn't become my fate.

WARNING: This novel contains blood, violence, profanity, and some sexual content.
It does end on a cliffhanger.

A Girl Named Calamity by Danielle Lori (Alyria, #1)
A Girl Named Calamity (Alyria #1)After her mother walked out, Calamity grew up sheltered from the harsh realities of life under the watchful eye of her grandmother. She was an innocent, na├»ve to the ways of a land where men ruled and women were carnal chattel for the taking. And then, her mother came slinking back into her life, a true thief in the night and from that moment on, Calamity’s life would echo her name as she must run, alone from unknown evil who knows she exists and will stop at nothing to possess her and the powers she didn’t know she possessed.

Danielle Lori’s break out novel is a tale of a girl who must learn to understand the way of the world, the way of the men she encounters and the truth of the magic she owns. A Girl Named Calamity, the first in a new series Alyria starts out innocently enough, but soon shows its true colors as Calamity learns the lack of value women carry in a world where men can be sexual deviants and monsters and a woman has no recourse except to accept the protection of a man of importance and power. She has hired an assassin to escort her on her journey, a choice that leaves her both repelled and attracted in equal measure. Can she trust the dark stranger with her life and her honor? Can she learn not to speak her mind and act on impulse in order to remain safe? Clearly Calamity is in over her head, unprepared for the world filled with magic around her or the injustices she will find.

Ms. Lori has put an earthy spin on a fantasy filled with sexual undertones of all kinds and has the boldness to never hold back the language or actions of her characters, all while placing them on a journey of massive importance, saving or destroying the world as it is known. Moments of heated tension, humorous happenings and the confusion of a young woman who is clearly out of her element and of greatest danger to herself. An intriguing start to a new series from a new voice in the reading world.

I received this copy from Danielle Lori in exchange for my honest review.

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