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Anonymous by Christine Benedict

by Christine Benedict

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Loconeal Select; 2 edition (June 25, 2014)
Publication Date: June 25, 2014
Genre: Adult Thriller | Suspense
Print Length: 304 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Debra Hamilton confronts the fear of inheriting mental illness when her husband moves her into a hundred-year-old farmhouse on fifty-three acres of blacklisted real estate property. Floorboards creak when she's alone. Objects appear and disappear. Neighbors insinuate the house is haunted but memories of her mother's schizophrenia make her wonder. Julie, a neighbor who befriends Debra, faces her own fears when a stalker starts sending perverted anonymous letters that cause a rift in Julie's unstable marriage. Their plots merge as their friendship grows to create a rich and satisfying story.

Anonymous by Christine Benedict
AnonymousA twisted tale of a house, a stalker, a murder in the past, a present day murder and two women, each battling their own demons, both real and imaginary. They say Debra’s recently purchased old house is haunted, but are those noises ghosts, rodents or something far worse? Is Debra going to succumb to the mental illness that has plagued her mother?

Julie is Debra’s neighbor and she has her own ghosts who have haunted her emotionally for years. When she becomes the target of a stalker with a twisted sense of romantic entreaties, her abusive husband may take justice into his own hands.

The past and the present come together in a tale that is sure to keep you up late reading, and possibly listening for those sounds that go bump in the night. Anonymous by Christine Benedict is the perfect twisted psychological suspense thriller filled with moments that will both cause your heart to race and your skin to crawl. Is there a ghost in Debra’s house? Who is the stalker who wants Julie? What connection is there to the tale that a man died in Debra’s house and still haunts the place and a unique necklace buried long ago? Can the living even be trusted?

Do you like that feeling that everything is out of control, even as life goes on? Do you love watching the author bring it all together in a dramatic climax, leaving your head spinning? Do you mind sleeping with the lights on for a few nights until you can untangle your nerves? Christine Benedict knows how to make a house come to life, fear to feel real and desperation to ooze through the very pores of her characters! An excellent read, perfect for reading on a dark and stormy night.

I received this copy from Christine Benedict in exchange for my honest review.

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