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Chaise to the Death (The Post Chaise Chronicles 1) by Brad Mela

Chaise to the Death
by Brad Mela

My rating: 4.5 stars

Series: The Post Chaise Chronicles - Book 1
Publication Date: July 25, 2016
Publisher: Brad Mela
Genre: Historical Mystery-Suspense
Print Length: 326 pages
Available from: Amazon
'The Post Chaise Chronicles' series is set in England during the late 18th-century when the world is going through some of its biggest changes in history. The monarchy, politics, industry, the face of Europe, and more, they are all on the wheel of evolution.

Why should it bother Henry 'Harry' Kiser and his family? It's all a million miles away. But all of that is about to knock at his door and threaten to bring his house down. The question is, should he answer the call and take the dangerous commission? There’s far more at stake than missing a delivery date.

Harry is more complex than your average Post Chaise driver and his sanity is balancing on the edge of the abyss; he’s losing his grip. Will he lose his family, his friends and his neck along with it? He’s risking it all to find out too late that he's closer to the hangman's noose now than he's ever been.

The Kiser family run the inn and the independent postal service in Bath. The Royal Mail is their biggest competitor, but now, the Government and half of Europe looks to be threatening for a fight. Harry doesn't have a lot on his side other than some old Army friends and a trusty hound.

Follow his journey on a trail of death and disaster, but you'd better stick close; even Harry doesn't know where he's headed.

Rich in character, scenery and plot, book 1 of the Post Chaise Chronicles, set's the bar high. There are twists and turns galore, and that's not just on the road!
Chaise to the Death by Brad Mela
  (The Post Chaise Chronicles 1)
Chaise to the Death (The Post Chaise Chronicles 1)Just when it seems that historical adventures and mysteries have all been written, along comes Harry Kizer, a rogue, a scoundrel and one of the most adventuresome postal workers to ever take the reins of the Post Chaise in Brad Mela’s Chaise to the Death.

Who knew delivering the post and private passengers could be such a deadly game? Having made some mistakes in his life, Harry finds himself caught between an arch nemesis and the long arms of the law. Taking on a dangerous commission, Harry finds himself caught up in mystery, murder and mayhem as he attempts to make some of the most important deliveries of his life.

In a time when the world is on the verge of war, politics are filled with deceit and critical machinations, Harry finds that life in his neck of the woods holds even more risk and intrigue from both sides of the law. Chase scenes, fight scenes and kidnappings and somehow, Harry is always there! Twists, turns and subplots abound in this entertaining read!

Filled with characters that come to life as good, vile or just plain quirky and fun, Harry’s world holds both humor and heartache as Mr. Mela brings history to life through the eyes of a man who seems to find trouble and unlikely allies without even trying. Harry is quick-witted, sometimes relying on playing the odds or a hunch, but never does he leave a single page lacking or slow as we follow him on land and sea in an effort to step one step ahead of evil. Sit back and enjoy the ride in the Post Chaise, but come ready for adventure at every turn! Mystery lovers take notice, history lovers, feel part of the eighteenth century and Harry? I don’t think Brad Mela is finished with you yet!

I received this copy from Brad Mela in exchange for my honest review.

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