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Dark Ink Embrace by Toni Decker (The Shoalman Chronicles, #3)

Dark Ink Embrace
by Toni Decker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: The Shoalman Chronicles - Book 3
Publisher: Toni Decker Books
Publication Date: September 15, 2016
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Victor Ruso has been on the run since the night he linked a cursed Immortal and his Guardian, reluctantly forcing his ascension as a Guardian Ink Master. Instead of something his loved ones could celebrate, the passing of that mantle destroyed his family. While continuing to chase his next ink high, Victor must now hide from both the Guardian who betrayed his father and an uncle who would kill to steal his gift and secret. But he never counted on fate dropping a dark-haired complication into his tattooed arms.

The death of Carmen Solvak's beloved grandmother raises a question she's not ready to answer. Will loneliness be her only fate since the legacy of their Guardian blood passed her by? Unaware of her dormant power, Carmen captures Victor’s soul with a single innocent touch. She struggles against his mysterious pull and the exciting new future he offers. Which path leads to her true purpose; the one Carmen planned, or the one fate just handed to her in the form of a sexy, Guardian Ink Master?

His gift connects them.
Her touch unlocks their fate.

 Dark Ink Embrace by Toni Decker 
(The Shoalman Chronicles, #3)

When the most important person in her life died, Carmen could only take solace in the knowledge that her grandmother had died on her own terms, the Romani way, but now, her compass in life was gone. Had her grandmother with all of her wisdom and power also set Carmen on a path to awaken her true potential? They say people come into and out of one’s lie for a reason and perhaps Carmen’s loss was meant to be when Victor walked into her life.

Why had the Fates decided to cross the paths of Victor and Carmen, the daughter of the man who failed to his father? Is there nowhere to hide from the reach and power of his powerful man? Was she sent to destroy his heart as well as his life or was she sent to save him from himself, his fears and correct a mistake made long ago?

Like bungee jumping, the sudden plunges and rebounds of Dark Ink Embrace by Toni Decker had my imagination on overtime, my stomach in knots and my heart firmly planted in a world where Guardian Ink Masters protect their charges at all costs, including laying down their lives. There are those gifted with the power to ink ruins of white that are imbued with protection from the light side. Then as always, there are those who have the power to ink with the darkness of blood magic. The battle between the light and dark can destroy a person and for reluctant Guardian Ink Master Victor, cursed with both the dark and light ink, his gift became his addiction and it was driving him mad and Carmen must decide if she is strong enough to bring him back from the brink of insanity by possibly breaking every rule she was ever taught.

Take another journey through the lives of immortals, guardians and the ways of the Romani as two halves of one creative brain create a twisted knot of intrigue and romance that is spellbinding and taut. Re-visit old friends, meet new ones and discover the painful secrets kept hidden for decades as Toni Decker raises the creative bar once again!

I received an ARC edition from Toni Decker in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Intriguing premise for this book and series. I usually don't read paranormal, but this was very interesting.