Wednesday, August 17, 2016

DE-173 by J.G. Bell

by J.G. Bell

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: PublishNation (April 21, 2016)
Publication Date: April 21, 2016
Genre: Science Fiction | Time Travel
Print Length: 262 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Atlantis 2005
The time war is over and the surviving crew of DE-173 can live in peace once more as Earth’s timeline runs true, without threat from the banished Phoenix Agents.

But as with every war, something gets buried, left behind for future generations to find.

Iraq 2008
Colonel Jack Marsters and Major Ben Rhodes head up the security detail for an exhumation team sent to investigate a mass grave.

Their posting almost over, one skeleton is found buried deeper than the others. Buried for over a thousand years…and wearing a watch.

Two worlds collide as new threats to Earth’s timeline rise and Marsters and Rhodes embark on the trip of ten lifetimes.

DE-173 by J.G. Bell
DE-173It all started with a single grave and remains that dated back eons and the watch this man was wearing, a telling symbol for seasoned time travelers. Time Travel, does it exist on some dimension? Does it change timelines to alter future lives? Isn’t everyone fascinated with the thought that events can be altered, but what of the consequences?

Jump through time and back as highly secret agents discover that someone is altering the past to destroy the future, which for these agents, is the present. Their assignment is to assure that the threat is neutralized, no matter how many jumps it takes and history does not alter the world of the present.

One agent is special, she is part of a legendary world now said to have dropped below the sea. Is she human or more? Her powers exceed anything known to mankind, and as a soldier, she excels. As a woman, she loves, grieves and will do anything to keep her team safe. As a prize for enemies, she is better than gold. Her team of human allies will risk like and limb to stop evil from using time, clones and death to steal humanity’s true history.

From start to finish, this intriguing read is rapid-fire, fresh and riveting as time and dimensions are breached and the ramifications are to be delicately handled. The biggest questions become who can be trusted, who is the target and who is working behind the scenes to twist time. DE-173 by J.G. Bell is a science fiction lover’s dream come true! High tension, brilliant scenes and characters that come to life as they embrace their “job,” and their missions as another day at the office when they are home and as their sole focus when at “work.” Loyalty to teammates, trust in each other and a closeness that enables them to almost hear each others thoughts, makes J.G. Bell’s tale a true escape into other worlds and dimensions!

I received this copy from J.G. Bell in exchange for my honest opinion.

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