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Demorn: Blade of Exile by David Finn (The Asanti #1)

Demorn: Blade of Exile
by David Finn

My rating: 2.5 stars

Series: The Asanti - Book 1
Publisher: Firethorn Publishing (December 4, 2015)
Publication Date: December 4, 2015
Genre: SciFi
Print Length: 318 pages
Available from: Amazon
Demorn will go anywhere, sell her blade to the gods themselves, to resurrect her dead girlfriend's soul!

Demorn has been the exile of dead world since she was thirteen. Reality has been infected, setting up different Universes and wiping the memories of the population throughout past and present. Her birthplace, Asanti was destroyed in aftershocks. It’s known as the Fracture Event.

She belongs to the Innocents, a Clubhouse of mercenaries and assassins based inside the future city of Babelzon.

Uncovering a terrifying conspiracy of multi-dimensional demon gods hiding in plain sight, she must risk everything in a desperate quest for something bigger than a bounty if Babelzon and everything she loves are to be saved!   

Demorn: Blade of Exile by David Finn (The Asanti #1)

Demorn: Blade of Exile (The Asanti #1)Have blades, will travel, will kill, will do anything to right wrongs and save the Innocents, even fight the gods if necessary. Hey, a girl has to make a living, you know. Meet Demorn, able to travel through time and space. In fact she is not of this world, but her world is gone, destroyed and as an Asanti without a home, she has joined the Innocents, a club of mercenaries and assassins. When vile creatures invade worlds, she is there. When the ultimate threat becomes reality and multi-dimensional demon gods conspire inflict annihilation, will Demorn be able to stop them to save those she cares about?

Demorn: Blade of Exile by David Finn is a fast-paced, chaotic trip into the future where the eternal battle of good versus evil rages on. David Finn has given himself a huge task, to bring his characters to life, to re-create once living humans so their characters feel real and to pull the multitude of threads together into a fast-paced tale of epic proportions. Rapid scene changes, character changes and a plethora of characters whizzing by make for a read that one must NOT let their attention wander, even for a second.

Face it, in any battle, there is chaos, emotion and blood spewing, but in the case of Demorn’s world, I wanted the abrupt changes to segue into each other smoother, perhaps through more detail and some background placed within each scene. I do like the concept, love Demorn, but I read to be entertained, not to have to work to get the full picture. I DO see HUGE potential for a best seller to be born, though! Take a look at that cover, too! Fabulous!

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