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Fighting Blind by C.M. Seabrook

Fighting Blind
by C.M. Seabrook

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: July 26, 2016
Publisher: C.M. Seabrook
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 246 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Mackenzie Brooks is everything I've ever wanted.

Three years ago, she walked out of my life. No explanation. Just gone.

With the biggest fight of my career only weeks away, she walked back in.

I'll do anything to protect her. Destroy anyone who tries to hurt her. When it comes to Mac, there isn't a line I won't cross.

I've loved her my entire life, and now that's she's back I won't let her go.

She refuses to speak about the past, or the secrets I know she's hiding.

I know she's planning on running again. But when you love someone, you stay and fight. Even if you're fighting blind.

This novel is a full-length contemporary sports romance novel. Book contains mature themes, steamy, sexual scenes and graphic language.

Fighting Blind by C.M. Seabrook

Fighting BlindMackenzie and Theo were young and in love, one day they were each others world, the next, she was gone, no warning, no explanation, just gone. Life goes on, and Theo has become a successful gym owner and MMA fighter. He never knew what drove Mac to run, but Mac had secrets she couldn’t share, shame she couldn’t reveal. And now she has returned, with even more secrets to hide, looking like life has been a heavy burden to endure. When she needs help, he knows he still loves her and would do anything he could for her. But how can he make her believe their destiny is to be together? Will the bombshell Mac drops prove he is wrong? Can he forgive her for the mistakes she made running from him? Love can be painful, but the rewards are worth it, if only he could get her to stay…

C.M. Seabrook’s Fighting Blind is a passionate tale of two people, once too young to understand the responsibilities of the love they felt who are given a second chance for happiness and a future filled with hope. Theo’s character is a little rough around the edges, feeling betrayed, but he melts like butter when Mac comes back into his life. Mac was a product of her environment growing up, a prisoner to evil, but her sense of self-preservation has grown with the precious secret she holds.

A raw tale of love and second chances, forgiveness and trust, simmered over an intense flame of smoldering heat and sexual tension. Well written, raw and emotionally taut, C.M. Seabrook has put her own spin on gritty romantic drama and I like it!

I received an ARC edition from C.M. Seabrook in exchange for my honest review.

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