Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Graham by Natalie Decker (Scandalous Boys #2)

by Natalie Decker

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Scandalous Boys - Book 2
Publisher: Swoon Romance (July 26, 2016)
Publication Date: July 26, 2016
Genre: YA Romance
Print Length: 199 pages
Available from: Amazon
Graham Nichols’s main goal in life is to forget. Getting high, completely wasted, and running through a string of sexy blonds daily helps him achieve this task. But one night of partying lands him in a heap of trouble and sent back to the confinements of his hometown. Things can’t possibly get worse, right?

Sarah Morris can't seem to run fast enough away from her past. She’s spent months trying to amend her ways, and is doing a pretty good job. She’s getting good grades, isn't acting like a spoiled brat, and even works at the local grocery store. The last thing she needs is a distraction.

Enter Graham Nichols, the one mistake Sarah can't escape

Graham by Natalie Decker (Scandalous Boys #2)

Graham (Scandalous Boys #2)
With the intensity of their raging hormones, Sarah and Graham were young and in love. We all love an emotional second chance love story and Natalie Decker’s Graham is a perfect example of how two people too young to realize what love is, get a chance at a do-over when things look their very bleakest. Sarah was a girl raised in a lonely house, filled with material things and she was self-centered, sometimes cruel, but in reality, she lived a lonely life.

Graham was a rebel, he was trouble, but they were the perfect pair, opposites in so many ways, but each finding something in the other. Until the night Sarah broke Graham’s heart. When Sarah’s world is ripped out from under her, her dysfunctional family torn apart, she must start over, examine who she used to be and accept that she wants to be better.

Graham, now an angry young man away at college, is forced to come home and there she was. Sarah, the girl who broke his heart is back in his life. Can he be the man she needs? Angsty in parts, these two characters are equal parts adorable and frustrating. A quick read, perfect for N/A romance lovers who would rather have more pages of plot than the requisite steaming sex, there is still plenty of emotional sizzle that is even more sensual.

I received this copy from Natalie Decker in exchange for my honest review.


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