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Obsidian Faith by Bev Elle

Obsidian Faith
by Bev Elle

My rating: 4.5 stars

Publication Date: December 4, 2014
Publisher: Divine Nine, LLC
Genre: Romance | Suspense
Print Length: 180 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

They were the most unlikely pair to fall in love. . .

A golden boy with a dark past. A bi-racial girl with epic faith. These two weren't supposed to survive the system, sketchy origins and all.
Trevor Kyle has loved Shanice Bailey forever—from the time they both landed in the Baptist Children's Home until they were young adults raised by adoptive families that had no resemblance to the worlds from which they came. Trevor has always been her protector and champion even when he was busy pushing her away for her own good.

Shanice has always taken her faith in Trevor seriously. Her childhood oath is strengthened when she learns the true meaning of family. But After Trevor’s adoptive parents die tragically and his bachelor uncle takes him in, she finds that the boy she’s always looked up to has changed, and not for the better. Yet, she can’t bring herself to forget him as her pure childhood love for him blossoms into something more.

The most generous heart and truest faith does not travel an easy path. Just when Trevor thinks he's found a way to keep his promise to be with Shanice forever, a specter from the past threatens their future plans.

Obsidian Faith by Bev Elle

Obsidian FaithThey were two children, trapped in “the system,” the abyss that orphans, unwanted children and those left without parents for any number of reasons are “placed.” We, as people have done our job and then we forget about them until they do something wrong and then we judge, criticize and say something needs to be done. Trevor became young Shanice’s “big brother” and protector in the group home they were tucked away in, just waiting for a couple to choose them and take them home. Unlike most, they were fortunate and found loving homes near each other where they could flourish. Their young familial love became more, but fate decided to keep them apart.

Trevor was a computer genius and his future was bright until the day his adopted parents were killed in an accident. From that day forward, he went to an “uncle” who used him for illegal purposes, and feeling he had nowhere to turn, he did what he was told until he was caught and left out to dry, incarcerated, a villain in the eyes of the world, but he had a secret and he would rather rot in danger than put Shanice in danger. Could a deal with the government set him free and still keep Shanice safe?

Grab the tissues, this is a heart-breaking read about the cruelty of life, the small minds of even the most “devout” Christians and one young boy who has so much honor and love in his heart that he will make the ultimate sacrifice for those he loves.

Obsidian Faith by Bev Elle had me from page one and never let go until that final page closed. Moments of sadness, sweet innocence and joy are intertwined in a tale that acknowledges the act that so many to not practice what they preach and allies come from some pretty unlikely places. Shanice is sweet, even as she grows up, her loyalty is fierce and her belief in Trevor is heartwarming. Trevor was used, too insecure and young to know he could have gotten help and then too afraid to take it when offered. What he did to correct his mistakes would make anyone proud to know someone with his strength of character. A wonderful read filled with surprises and a greater depth than expected, this is highly recommended.

I received this copy from Bev Elle in exchange for my honest review.

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