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Olivia, All In by Tessa Palmeri (The Olivia Series, #3)

Olivia, All In
by Tessa Palmeri

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Olivia Series - Book 3
Publisher: BGW Publishing; 1 edition (August 31, 2016)
Publication Date: August 31, 2016
Genre: N/A College | Contemporary Romance | Coming of Age
Print Length: 275 pages
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Fully committed to each other, come what may ...

Olivia Miller is back home in Leeville, TX for the summer of 1992. Her freshman year of college didn’t go as she expected, but she’s a better and stronger person for it. Confident about her decision to major in sociology, she still needs to tell her dad about it and hopes that he’ll respect the boundaries she recently set in their relationship.

A temporary bookkeeping job at Snyder Architecture gives her a taste of working “in the real world”. Certain aspects of the job weren’t being done right by the person she’s filling in for, and she tries to find a way to address the problems without making enemies.

Though her relationship with her boyfriend Cameron McClain is stronger than ever, their summer takes an unexpected turn, testing their Christian faith and future—individually and as a couple.

Her relationship with her boyfriend Cameron McClain is stronger than ever, and she becomes closer to his family, especially his brother’s girlfriend, Jasmine. But their summer takes an unexpected turn, testing Olivia’s and Cameron’s faith individually and as a couple. Will their future plans be derailed?

Olivia, All In by Tessa Palmeri (The Olivia Series, #3)
Olivia, All In (Olivia Series Book Three)Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we thought it would. Olivia has survived her freshman year, the little fish floundering in the big sea. She and Cameron have firmed up their relationship and it has taken on a more mature flavor. Its summer, 1992 now and Oliva has gone home to Leeville, more self-assured, more independent and ready to recognize that she cannot save the world and everyone close to her by herself, but she can stand up for herself and all a spade a spade as she learns to recognize what she cannot change and embrace what she can.

Tragedy strikes and Cameron’s family is devastated, but Cameron steps up and goes beyond by showing his love, honor and dedication just when it’s needed most. With Olivia by his side, focusing on those around her who need her, she has definitely turned the corner on selfish immaturity. When they express how unfair life can be and question what God was doing when they needed him, their faith does take a hit, but isn’t that part of growing up? Has everything been part of a plan they must trust in or will they realize that their own actions prove the existence of a greater power?

Tessa Palmeri has hit gold with Olivia, All In as she brings out the best in her characters in the most difficult of times. Oliva is a changed person, much more likable and compassionate. Cameron is every mother’s dream for their daughter, a man with a huge, loving and giving heart. At times heartbreaking, heartwarming and a beautiful statement to the closeness of families in crisis, this may have been my favorite of the series! Yes, there is talk of spirituality, belief in a higher power, but at no time does Ms. Palmeri rise to a pulpit and rain down fire and brimstone. Definitely an excellent young adult read.

I received an ARC edition from Tessa Palmeri in exchange for my honest review.

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