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Olivia, Finding Her Way (Olivia #2) by Tessa Palmeri

Olivia, Finding Her Way
by Tessa Palmeri

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Olivia Series - Book 2
Publisher: BGW Publishing; 1 edition (February 1, 2016)
Publication Date: February 1, 2016
Genre: YA/NA Contemporary Romance | Coming of Age
Print Length: 286 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Stand for something, or you might fall for anything ...
Olivia Miller is off to college at NHU with her boyfriend, Cameron McClain. She’s looking forward to having freedom from her parents. But now that they’re in a new place and around new people, will Olivia turn out to be one of those clingy, possessive girlfriends? Will she be able to find her own way?

College is a time for figuring out who you want to be, what you want to do, but as she tries to adjust to the unfamiliar environment, she realizes she’s led a pretty sheltered life. Embracing the college culture isn’t as easy as she expected it to be. It doesn't help that sometimes things—and people—aren't what they seem, especially her roommate.

When things get difficult and confusing, Olivia retreats back into her pre-college insecurities and loses her perspective. At her worst, things spin out of control, and she messes up something that's really important to her. What's it going to take to pull her out of the dark place she finds herself in? Thankfully her former boss and mentor, Mrs. K, helps her figure some things out for herself.

Now, is it too late, or can she recover what she's lost? While she’s still trying to work all that out, she gets a frantic call from her sister, Emma, who’s upset about their mom. Will Olivia’s newfound, yet fragile, confidence be of any help? Can she continue to build on her Christian faith, and will she ever work up the nerve to confront her father’s critical attitudes and anger problems?

Olivia, Finding Her Way (Olivia #2) by Tessa Palmeri  

Olivia, Finding Her Way (Olivia Series Book Two)Olivia is growing up, spreading her wings and off to college with Cameron. College is an entirely different animal than high school, though and Olivia is about to learn some cold, hard facts of life and that innocent actions can have dangerous consequences.

1991 was a more innocent time, yet even then, following lifelong Christian beliefs with all of the temptations that college life brings can be difficult. Olivia finds she is unprepared for many of the revelations she will find. From the wild roommate to college parties where alcohol flows freely, Olivia is caught between what she should do and what she wants to try, at least once.

Cameron is on his home turf, yet even he cannot give Olivia the strength she needs to come to grips with all that is around her. Ghosts of insecurity rise and the flashbacks of her father’s condescending ways only serve to further shred her fragile foundations. Will her relationship with Cameron suffer for it? What of her relationship with God? Will Olivia be strong enough to stop projecting her own flaws on Cameron? Relationships take strong links and Olivia’s link seems a little weak.

Tessa Palmeri’s Olivia Finding Her Way is the struggle of one young woman who realizes just how sheltered her life has been and how much she needs to use the gift of free will and self-preservation she has been given. Will she weaken when it comes to a physical relationship with Cameron? They made a vow, but they are both sorely tested.

Follow Olivia as she comes of age in a new world and learns to decide her own path. A little high on angst, but with the atmosphere of college life, Ms.Palmeri brings a thought-provoking tale to life in an era where personal freedom is blossoming into a riot of unknown choices and trust may not always be a good thing.

I received this copy from Tessa Palmeri in exchange for my honest review.

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