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Reason by Lena North (The Dreughan, #2)

by Lena North

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Dreughan - Book 2
Publisher: Flat-out Publishing; 2 edition (September 12, 2015)
Publication Date: September 12, 2015
Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy | Romance
Print Length: 239 pages
Available from: Amazon
Everyone knows that Susannah is a good girl. Beautiful, accomplished, calm and polite. What they don’t know is that she’s also another girl, one who is hot-tempered, brave – and an expert at throwing knives.

The three friends have settled in Dragoncourt and Susannah is happier than she’s ever been. Or she would be, if it wasn’t for the prophecy that predicts the prosperous times coming after the war that never ends. They have started to suspect that the next piece of the prophecy predicts that Sannah is bound by fate to Kee, the beautiful Prince of Dragoncourt. The golden one. The only one who acutely dislikes Susannah.

They travel with a group of Dreughan to the settlement at the Mountain Tip, hoping to find out what happened to Michael, the young man who helped then escape from the Waterfolk. They’ve heard that he didn’t die after all, and they’re hoping to find him in the settlement.

Suddenly life is becoming more and more confusing to Susannah. Life at the Mountain Tip is familiar and safe, but Kee isn’t who she thought he was, and she starts to realize that maybe she isn't a settled girl anymore.

Then disaster strikes and Sannah has to let go of the good girl. She has to lie and deceive her way straight into Pantano, the stronghold of the Waterfolk, and she’ll have to do bad things in the name of love and fury.

In the end, she has to decide, is the good girl or the wild one? Or can she be both?

Reason by Lena North (The Dreughan, #2)
Reason (The Dreughan, #2)Even best friends have secrets and Susannah is no different. In her village she was the leader’s beautiful daughter, polished, poised and rational. Now that she has escaped death with Vilma and Troy, she is discovering a world she never dreamed of, a world she is ill-prepared for and yet people are still listening to her calm voice of reason.

Now that Vilma has found her true mate, Susannah can admit she is attracted to Kee, but the beautiful prince smiles at everyone but her. He acts like he hates her, but why? She is becoming a warrior in her own right, and when Kee is taken by the Water People, Sannah is determined to bring him back at any cost, even her own life. Complete with a plan that relies on perfect timing, a lot of luck and help from an unlikely source, she is going into enemy territory to bring the battered man home.

Surely Kee will see that the “Good” girl has become a woman of conviction and strength with a “Wild” side to admire. But will he tell her why he ignores her? Could it be that love and hate are closer emotions than she knows?

Reason by Lena North takes us back into a world of war and mistrust, where one must guard their heart and secrets from possible enemies. This is Sannah’s story, the story of the rebirth of a spoiled young girl into a strong and capable young woman in love. Along with fiery Vilma and the ever joking Troy, once again, these three prove their love and loyalty to each other and to those in the new land they call home and Lena North just keeps getting better and better.

I received this copy from Lena North in exchange for my honest review.

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