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The Girl in the Painting by Rachael Richey (The NightHawk Series, #4)

The Girl in the Painting
by Rachael Richey

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Nighthawk - Book 4
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc (July 29, 2016)
Publication Date: July 29, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 286 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

While her husband Gideon is recording a new album with his band NightHawk, Abi Hawk is busy getting her own career as a portrait painter back on track.

Following the death of her father, which coincides with the opening night of her first exhibition in London, Abi and her daughter come across an old painting in his attic that sets them on a journey of discovery to Paris. They uncover an astonishing and unexpected love story, one that has repercussions to the present day.

Meanwhile Gideon, in America to promote the new album, ignores Abi’s warnings and manages to put himself in a vulnerable situation that threatens to rock the stability of their marriage. Separated from Abi by nearly five thousand miles, and unable to speak to her, will he be able to resolve the situation before any real damage is done?

The Girl in the Painting by Rachael Richey
(The NightHawk Series, #4)

The Girl in the Painting (NightHawk Series #4)Artistic talent runs deeper than Gideon’s musical gifts and the fame is soon to cover more than that of his band, NightHawk. Abi is well on her way to becoming a renowned portrait painter with a gift to bring her canvases to life. The night of the opening of her debut exhibition, her father dies, leaving her the responsibility of handling his possessions. That is when she found the hidden portrait of a woman with secrets, sultry and beautiful and she looks just like Abi. She and Natasha will begin a journey that takes them to Paris, both past and present and unveils the long held secrets of the women in her family and a tale of romance and eternal love like that of a romantic novel.

As Abi uncovers her ancestors’ secrets, Gideon is across the ocean and becomes the victim of supposed seduction and infidelity. When Abi reads all about it in the tabloids or witnesses it on the television, will the miles prove too great for reconciliation?

In another suspenseful NightHawk romance from Rachael Richey, The Girl in the Painting puts Ms. Richey at the top of her game for steering clear of the many rockstar romance formulas and blazing her own path of creativity. Suspense, secrets, romance from the past and the turmoil of the present bring these characters to life as individuals, as well as family. Abi is feeling what many modern women have felt, a need to create her own identity, her own destiny, just as Gideon has. Her sheer delight at the discoveries she has made will make anyone who has sorted through the memorabilia of the past and wondered about the stories behind each piece relate completely.

Clearly this is Abi’s story, yet even as a supporting character Gideon makes a splash that feel far too real for those who see the tabloid headlines.

Another well-written and fascinating read from a very talented author who knows how to turn letters on a page into another world to escape into.

I received an ARC edition from Rachael Richey in exchange for my honest review.

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