Friday, August 12, 2016

The Ones by Daniel Sweren-Becker

The Ones
by Daniel Sweren-Becker

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Imprint (September 6, 2016)
Publication Date: September 6, 2016
ISBN-10: 1250083141
ISBN-13: 978-1250083142
Genre: YA suspense
Print Length: 304 pages
Available from: Barnes & Noble | Amazon

We are not all created equal.
Seventeen-year-old Cody and her boyfriend, James, were two of the lucky ones randomly selected before birth to receive genetic engineering.
Known as the Ones, this one percent of the population is healthy, beautiful, and talented…and to some that's not fair. Mounting fear and jealousy of the Ones’ success leads to the creation of the Equality Movement, which quickly gains enough political traction to demote Cody, James, and others like them to second-class citizens.
Cody knows even before the brick smashes through her window that it's going to be bad. As their school, the government, and even family and friends turn against them, Cody begins to believe they have no other choice but to protect their own. She draws closer to a group of radical Ones led by the passionate and fevered Kai, and James begins to question just how far she is willing to go for the cause…
Themes of justice, discrimination and terrorism mix with actual science to create a frightening version of our near future in this pulse-pounding thriller.

 The Ones by Daniel Sweren-Becker  

The OnesIs it so farfetched to believe that selective genetic engineering is coming? We all want to be perfect or have perfect progeny and or those who have the money, it is entirely possible. Cody and her boyfriend James are part of the top one percent of the beautiful people, they are The Ones. Daniel Sweren-Becker invites us into the dark pits of a world that has lost its moral compass as a rebel movement created out of jealousy and fear is determined to put the Ones in their place.

Lines are re-drawn and the Ones must either fall or join an underground radical Ones group in an effort to survive. In a dog eat dog world, only the strong will survive and Cody is determined to be among them while James wonders if her interest is in the fiery leader Kai and how far she will go to for the cause.

Is this where our world is going? Has Daniel Sweren-Becker used a crystal ball to see into the future? So many questions, many unsettling to even think about, but with each page turned, you will find yourself falling deeper and deeper into the bleak world he has created. You’ll find yourself questioning how fanciful this tale actually is and how any sense of equality could ever be re-gained. Strong characters, brutal action, and a high intensity story that seems to scream, one way or another humanity needs to change course or be doomed.

I received an ARC edition from Imprint in exchange for my honest review.

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