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The Puppets by Kristin Kula

The Puppets
by Kristin Kula

My rating: 3 stars

Publication Date: May 15, 2015
Publisher: Kristin Kula
Genre: YA horror | Dystopian
Print Length: 40 pages
Available from: Amazon

# How do people deal with being controlled? In a world where they know no freedom? But only darkness, and despite how horrible the world is for them... They still try and look on the bright side. Even if... They have to follow every rule or deal with a life changing punishment... So when three best friends who've been through it all together, are chosen to be the ones to be sacrificed for their rulers to eat them alive and they're sent to the feeding pen... Will they survive and find out that this one rumor that could save them all is true? Or will all fall victim to this once a year feeding?
The Puppets by Kristin Kula

In a dystopian world, where puppets dominate a society of humans who are meek as lambs, barbaric customs and rituals are repeated year after year. Few have gone into the pen, been the prey for their monstrous leaders and survived to tell about. Three best friends have been chosen, there is no option and the free will to run is unheard of, but a spark of resistance lights in their hearts as they run the mazes in search of the door to survival. Three went in, but will any of them make it out?

A very short tale filled with action, The Puppets by Kristin Kula has the potential to be a fascinating longer read with more details and maybe a little more meat and polish. A great bare bones plot idea that just needs to simmer a little longer on the stove. I did like what there was and hope the author will embellish on this tale and bring it to its full and very dark potential.

I received this copy from Kristin Kula in exchange for my honest review.

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