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Bloody Dirt by C.C. Hogan (Dirt Series 1 - #2)

Bloody Dirt
by C.C. Hogan

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Dirt Series 1 - Book 2
Publication Date: October 26, 2015 | Second Edition June, 2016
Publisher: C.C. Hogan
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Print Length: 397 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
It would have been so easy to forget everything that had happened, find a quiet, out of the way place to go and live and enjoy life just as it was, but for Pree and Farthing that is simply not an option.
As they return to The Prelates, idealism flowing through their veins, they find themselves embroiled in a war that will span a continent.
In the sequel to Dirt, the truth behind the ambitions of Tekkinmod and the people in the far west are revealed and Johnson Farthing will rely on the knowledge and friendship of incredible people, humans and dragons, as he and Pree build an army.
Through the blood and terror of war, this is still a tale of the heart; a story of passion, love, and the strength found in bonds of friendship.

 Bloody Dirt by C.C. Hogan (Dirt Series 1 - #2)

Bloody Dirt (Dirt Series 1, #2)Their hearts and minds, as well as the very fiber of their beings were wrapped up in the dreams of idealism. It would be ideal to end the suffering of the masses under cruel and selfish Prelates more concerned with their personal power and wealth than the spiritual strength of their people. Pree was the perfect figurehead to unite the passions of the masses as the daughter of a vicious Prelate who has disowned her for loving and living beneath her station. Gone is the spoiled daughter and in her place is a young woman fortified by love, and the acceptance of the “commoners” she stood with. War is coming, and now was the time to gain allies against her father, as she displays great intelligence and heart they hear her out.

In the long run it is the humble Johnson Farthing that clinches the deal for many of the leaders, he is one of them and he has NOT let his low station dictate his life. Johnson is a man of honor, willing to toil shoulder to shoulder with others, always having their back. Together, their dream of freedom and equality for the masses fortifies the masses with hope.

Deceit and false promises puts the rebellion at a grave disadvantage, even with the forces of dragons at their back. The time has come to choose, continue to fight or back off to save the lives of their allies?

Heroes will die, orphans and widows will be made. Dragons of great age and wisdom choose their friend Johnson’s side to fight on, all sizes, shapes and kinds from the desert dragons to the water dragons, old friends will re-emerge and lead the battle from the sky.

C.C. Hogan is a back with Bloody Dirt, a tale far from the usual epic fantasy. Talking dragons, magicians, and the common folk each play their special role, from daunting and dangerous to quirky, yet loyal and brave. Pree has become a strong woman on a quest with the man who owns her heart by her side. Both she and Johnson have faced hard times in the past and both vow that future generations should never be under the thumb of evil.

Definitely NOT just a fantasy with strategic planning, fierce battles, escapes in the night, the flights of dragons and magic all glued together into a riveting and entertaining read where fabulous dialogue adds that extra sparkle!

I received this copy from C.C. Hogan in exchange for my honest review.

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