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Demorn: City of Innocents (The Asanti #2) by David Finn

Demorn: City of Innocents
by David Finn

My rating: 4 stars

Series: The Asanti - Book 2
Publisher: Firethorn Publishing (January 14, 2016)
Publication Date: January 14, 2016
Genre: Fantasy | Scifi
Print Length: 299 pages
Available from: Amazon

Dimensional Exiles. Demon Gods. A mad Tyrant!

Every exile longs for their home. Two long years in the Grave Dimension have left Demorn's ruby heart cold, the holy blade of Xalos unable to spawn for her. Her girlfriend remains lost, the mad plan to resurrect her has failed.

Fleeing the doomed Grave Dimension, Demorn and Alex travel deep into heart of the Serpent Dungeon, straining against the cracks of splintering reality to escape the Grave, bargaining with demons to prevent obliteration and return to Babelzon.

But things have changed in the City of the Innocents. Demorn is a myth that only some believe in. Old friends have fallen or are trapped. Demorn can see the horrible bones of Ultimate Fate in the sky, and the Tyrant oversees all.

Poisoned by the cursed locket of a death god and surrounded by traitors, every bad and desperate deal Demorn has ever made will be called to account. She must save the Innocents from the clutches of the Tyrant. She must save her brother from gazing too deep in the ruins of Asanti. She must relight the fire of the Goddess.

She must face the Tyrant.

No Mercy!

 Demorn: City of Innocents (The Asanti #2) by David Finn
Demorn: City of Innocents (The Asanti #2)A lot can happen in two years. Demorn and Alex have escaped the Grave Dimension, but she finds she may have escaped the frying pan only to fall into the fire. Babelzon is under the vile clutches of the Tyrant and Demorn will stop at nothing to save the Innocents.

David Finn has upped the intrigue, upped the danger and upped the development of his characters while maintaining the atmosphere of a dark and chaotic world. Demorn becomes “more” as a heroine and strong character. The drama stills come at the readers in spades, but like Demorn, there is just a feeling of “more” as characters are developed further, and alliances are tested because of the crime lords and the vile government. Still filled with action, reactions and high tension, the in-depth details bring everything solidly together.

This time out, the pacing is still rapid, but somehow the story seems more alive! David Finn has done a wonderful job that science fiction and epic fantasy readers will love.

I received this copy from David Finn in exchange for my honest review.

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