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Divine Fall by Kathryn Knight

Divine Fall
by Kathryn Knight

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Wildflowers Books (July 23, 2014)
Publication Date: July 23, 2014
Genre: YA Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 326 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
After tragedy tears Jamie Brandt's life apart, her only goal is to finish high school so she can leave her small hometown behind. In the meantime, riding her horse is her main source of solace, until a mysterious stable hand shows up at the barn. There's something not quite right about the handsome new employee, and the more Jamie sees of him, the more determined she becomes to figure out what he's hiding. 

Dothan Reed came to historic Huntsville, Maryland, for one reason--revenge. But his plan can't move forward until he finds the missing piece he needs to enhance his powers. As the only surviving Nephilim, Dothan is not only weaker than full-blooded angels; his forbidden lineage makes him an outcast in both worlds. When he discovers Jamie is the key to locating an ancient weapon, he's forced to interact with a vulnerable human girl--a task that becomes more appealing with each encounter. 

Jamie soon learns Dothan isn't the only one with a dark secret. Each new revelation further threatens her safety, and Dothan's betrayal shatters her heart. Forgiving him seems impossible, but the thought of turning her back on him is equally painful. 

As their connection deepens, Dothan will have to make his own difficult choice: continue on his path of vengeance, or protect the girl he loves. And when Dothan's actions thrust Jamie into an unforeseen danger, he must seek the help of his enemy...or risk losing her forever.
 Divine Fall by Kathryn Knight
Divine FallShe met him when she fell from her horse. Dothan was mysterious, distant, even rude, but there was a side of the new stable hand that was caring and gentle and that is the side caught Jamie’s attention. That and the fact that she was certain he was hiding something. Short on real friends, Jamie reaches out to the young man who reminds her of herself, alone in a world full of cruel strangers and great loss.

Dothan was a man on a mission and nothing would stop him from seeking revenge against the man responsible for killing his father. It won’t be a normal killing, Dothan is the only surviving Nephilim, part angel, part human and his target is one of the strongest archangels there is. He will need a special ancient book with the directions to enhance his strength. His father was all he had, and now he had nowhere to fit in, until Jamie, the girl he had intended to use as a tool to get what he needed.

Dark secrets are putting Jamie in mortal danger and it isn’t all Dothan’s fault, but he learns that he may feel more for this human girl than he feels for his plot to kill.

Kathryn Knight’s Divine Fall is a dark tale of suspense and the healing power of love. From the first page there is a feeling of “the rest of the story” being kept just out of reach. Like scraping layers of old paint off a wonderful treasure, each page uncovers more depth and continuously urges us to read on for more. Fabulous writing, focusing on the characters’ throughout, even the angels become more human and less mysterious.

I received this copy from Backlit PR in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Love this review of Divine Fall - thank you so much for reviewing and so glad you enjoyed the story!

    1. You are more than welcome! Great reading! :)