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Evergreen (Evergreen, #1) by Michael Weekly

Evergreen (Evergreen, #1)Evergreen
by Michael Weekly

My rating: 5 stars
Series: Evergreen - Book 1
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As a member of the Ever Guards, Calvin Jiroux has one job to do. Keep reality real and keep magic out of the hands of society. Being a gate-keeper to all sources of magic is never an easy job.

Although he's accustomed to dealing with fairies, mermaids, evasive elves and the fiery flames of a hot guy, who happens to be a dragon, Calvin doesn't understand why the citizens of Silverton can't see Evergreen, the secluded community where he now lives. Nor do they seem to care about the disappearance of the little girl who once lived in his house.

When his mother also goes missing, Calvin's life takes a turn for the worse. The deepening mystery leads him and the Ever Guards into a trap from which there seems to be no escape--a world ruled by a vengeful queen with plans to unleash a powerful evil onto the citizens of Silverton.

It soon becomes clear that only Calvin can stop the queen and put an end to her evil intentions. But Calvin is no ordinary Ever Guard his huge personality and colorful demeanor come at a price.

Evergreen (Evergreen, #1) by Michael Weekly
Evergreen (Evergreen, #1)Michael Weekly’s sharp and crisp imagination and writing style shines through in his latest fantasy adventure, Evergreen. Young Calvin and his mother have lived like gypsies, never staying in one place for long, but his world is about to become the very thing of fantasies when they move to Evergreen in Colorado, a small town his mother once lived in. What is so special about Evergreen? Could it be the ocean that laps at its shores? Prepare yourself to fall into a tale of magic, coming of age and the value of friends and allies.

For generations the honor of being an Ever Guard has been passed down from parent to child, but this time young Calvin is thrust into his position without the benefit of parental guidance when his mother goes missing. Desperately trying to understand and believe in his position, Calvin learns of a world of magic, mystical creatures, joy and danger beyond the gate he is sworn to guard in order to keep reality “real” and not allow magic to creep into the human world. Has he failed in his duty? Calvin can see these creatures all round him, but why can’t the rest of the world?

So begins Calvin’s journey to fulfill his destiny along with his friends and allies, each with their own special talents. Still, where has Calvin’s mother gone? As they say, the plot thickens and a dark mystery engulfs him as he finds the Ever Guards have been trapped in another world where an evil queen has vile plans of her own. Only one can stop her, but how?

The magic of a great fantasy, the value of great friends and allies and the difficulties of making your way in a world where it is hard to tell friend from foe. Sit back, believe and you will be there as great dialogue feels natural, characters come to life and the atmosphere is filled with adventure and tension. Michael Weekly knows how to make his tales magnetic and fun with his gift for writing!

I received an ARC edition from Michael Weekly in exchange for my honest review.


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