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Guest Post from Alison Clarke - Author of THE SISTERHOOD

The Sisterhood
Book One of The Sisterhood Series
by Alison Clarke

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Sisterhood Series - Book 1
Publisher: LITTLE BIRD PUBLISHING HOUSE (February 20, 2015)
Publication Date: February 20, 2015
Genre: Middlegrade/YA Fantasy
Print Length: 118 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

When Oppie and Aurie are faced with a terrible battle between good and evil, they discover that friendship and sisterhood are the most precious things in the world. In a realm where magic and legend still exist, it's easy to think that when you're just an ordinary girl, you'll never get the chance to be written into the history books. But when Oppie, and her dragon friend Aurie, find themselves on a mission to defeat the evil, oppressive forces of darkness, in the form of the dragon, Royzendeus, they discover that history is never made alone. As they travel, their army of light grows, and Aurie discovers that as a girl, she is blessed with an entire sisterhood she never realised existed.

Tome Tender was VERY impressed with Alison Clarke's Middlegrade/YA fantasy,
THE SISTERHOOD. Its message for everyone is about accepting diversity as the natural event it is, as well as the strength of women of all shapes, sizes and colors standing together for the good of the world.

We asked Alison Clarke this question:

How did you manage to capture so many contemporary issues and turn it into a charming fantasy read?

Here is her reply:

 It is not a conscious choice. I am interested in different things, and a variety of genres intrigues me:  such as biographies, fantasy, and poetry. I have a passion for learning about different areas. Social issues that affect humanity have always been important to me, and I believe that everyone should be treated with respect and dignity regardless of cultural or racial background. I am a woman of colour, and I believe that equality is still something that has to be achieved. We have a long way to go. But, I do have hope that things can change, that the world can be a better place. I also believe that through the power of story, the gift of empathy, that readers can walk in someone else’s shoes and get a glimpse into what that character’s life is like. That is how things will change--through empathy, compassion, through story.

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The Sisterhood by Alison Clarke
Book One of The Sisterhood Series

The Sisterhood: Book One of The Sisterhood SeriesAttention anyone looking for a positive book about empowered females, racial acceptance, joining together in trust and love, and following your heart in the battle of good versus evil, mark this author’s name down: Alison Clarke. Add to that, this book: The Sisterhood and be sure to give it to all young readers, as well as not-so-young readers who love the world of fantasy in a land where differences are embraced and bonds are formed without fear of reprisal. Yes, this book should be in libraries celebrating diversity, destiny and responsibility.

Two young friends embark on a quest to stop evil. Along the way, they discover other races, other creatures, newfound allies and friends. Oppie is an ordinary girl and Aurie is a young dragon, but they are closer than sisters never caring about their differences. What they find in a land filled with magic is that the true magic is in friendship and love and they are part of a sisterhood of caring individuals, powerful leaders and that even males can be honorary members, because all are welcome to the side of good

Alison Clarke has written from the heart and it shows in every word she gives to younger readers. Filled with action and adventure this tale will keep any reader enthralled, no matter their age, but for younger readers the lessons are hidden within a tale they will love. This one is a brilliant addition to the Hidden Gem pile!

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