Friday, September 16, 2016

His Small Town Princess by Carol Burnside (Sweetwater Springs, #3)

His Small Town Princess
by Carol Burnside

My rating: 4.5 stars

Series: Sweetwater Springs - Book 3
Publisher: B & R Bookery; 1 edition (September 16, 2016)
Publication Date: September 16, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 251 pages
Available from: Amazon
J.T. Baxter is having a very bad year. As if adjusting to widower status and caring for two sons, weren’t enough, he has a landscaping business to keep afloat with a loan coming due. The last thing he needs is the town princess waltzing into his life with a business proposal he can’t afford to refuse.
Cassandra Bing feels adrift after her father’s death, a nasty broken engagement and enduring a job she loathes. She’s searching for her niche, something that would’ve made her dad proud and will bring her fulfillment. But gardening is a hot, dirty business, and soon she’s wishing she’d made a different sort of proposition to the sexy dad.
As attraction escalates between J.T. and Cass, tensions grow in a house where secrets fester. Can her presence begin to heal the Baxter household, or will their tender feelings become a casualty of the impending emotional storm?
Warning: This book contains some plant abuse, a sexy, bare-chested landscaper, sensual use of ice cubes and steamy adult situations in a greenhouse. Readers may suddenly wish to hug motherless kids, experience a rise in pulse rate and may feel the need for a cooling fan.
The Sweetwater Springs series will appeal to readers who enjoy sensual romance against a backdrop of family and community.  

His Small Town Princess by Carol Burnside
(Sweetwater Springs, #3)
His Small Town Princess (Sweetwater Springs, #3)His landscaping business is hanging on by a frayed thread. What’s left of his family isn’t doing any better, but somehow J.T. Baxter has to keep things together for his young sons and for his own sanity.

Cassandra is like a yacht adrift at sea. Her father has died, she faced a messy break up and has had it up t her pretty ears with her job. When her mother needs her, it becomes a way for Cassandra to start over, re-invent herself and to just be herself, not the pampered little princess everyone thought she was. But clearly, offering to bail widower J.T. Baxter out of his financial bind while being able to pursue her own career may not have been her best move, unless torturing her heart is considered good business, that is.

There are sparks, heat and tension flying between J.T. and Cassandra, but J.T.’s romantic baggage and his two young sons are keeping him at a distance emotionally, not that their private “Monkey Business” meetings could have convinced anyone else! Talk about the perfect blend of earthy, sweet and Serrano hot chemistry! Nothing can stop a father from protecting his young and J.T.’s sons are split on whether Cass is good for their dad. How can Cass convince J.T. they belong together? Can she plant the seed that changes his mind about them and turn their business into a family affair?

Carol Burnside’s Small Town Princess, a standalone romance from her Sweetwater Springs series has all the angst, the secrets, the trials and the heat that true romance lovers cling to. A beautiful and feisty heroine, damaged by her past, but ready to move on, a tall and handsome hero who has seen and felt the pain of betrayal and loss while trying to be both parents to his young boys and the rebellion of one son who misses his mother. What’s not to get emotional about? Enjoy the sweet and spicy romance of Carol Burnside’s writing.

I received an ARC edition from Carol Burnside in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I really appreciate your thorough and thoughtful review, and I'm really happy you enjoyed it! Thanks!