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Lost in Los Angeles by Jenny Lynne

Lost in Los Angeles
by Jenny Lynne

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: January 1, 2014
Publisher: Jenny Lynne
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance |Abuse | Grief
Print Length: 198 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Just weeks after eighteen-year-old Erin tragically loses her best friend, she is brutally raped by her high school crush. Plagued by crippling panic attacks and disconcerting visions of her dead friend, Erin travels to Los Angeles, searching for a sign that life is still worth living. Shortly after she arrives, she meets Ben, a mysterious man who captures both her curiosity and her heart. As they explore Los Angeles together, Ben reveals shocking secrets of his tragic childhood and helps Erin believe that she can heal from the wounds of her traumatic past. But Ben is hiding one horrible secret. A secret that could destroy her.

 Lost in Los Angeles by Jenny Lynne

Erin had lost all hope, the will to live and she was desperately searching for a piece of happiness to cling to. She needed to escape and rethink about life. Her best friend is tragically gone, her innocence was stolen through a brutal rape and there didn’t seem much to live for, now that her life was a series of panic attacks and visions of her best friend haunting her.

Erin travels to Los Angeles only to meet a young man who seems to know just what she needs and is willing to give it to her, no strings attached. There is something about Ben that feels familiar, like the safety and warmth of a security blanket. Their time together is magical and love is sending gentle tendrils into Erin’s heart, as well as hope for a future. Together they share the demons of their pasts, but Ben holds back the one secret that could either send Erin over the edge of despair or give her the strength to go on and live life to its fullest. He also gave her the greatest gift of all, eternal love.

Lost in Los Angeles by Jenny Lynne will leave you breathless and caught up in reliving each page long after you have finished reading. Hauntingly beautiful and filled with the purity of selfless love, Erin and Ben’s story is sure to melt even the coldest of hearts. Ms. Lynne has created an almost dreamlike tale, cocooning her characters in their own bubble of existence. I admit it, I was caught up completely in this emotion-driven tale and wanted nothing more than to see these two characters find peace and happiness, no matter what the future held for them.

If you are looking for a story to warm your insides, to make you believe in the magic of love and its healing powers, while leaving you sighing at the end, Lost in Los Angeles is it. Told in a sweet and gently flowing manner, this is one to savor and to enjoy each word.

I received this copy from Jenny Lynne in exchange for my honest review.

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