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Protecting You by Amanda Siegrist (A McCord Family Novel Book 1)

Protecting You
by Amanda Siegrist

My rating: 5 stars

Series: McCord Family - Book 1
Publication Date: April 10, 2015
Publisher: Amanda Siegrist
ISBN-10: 1512303054
ISBN-13: 978-1512303056
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 293 pages
Available from: Amazon
Ava Rainer is on the top of her game. Good life, good job, great friends—especially Detective Jimmy McCord. Not everyone appreciates their friendship, particularly Jimmy's brother Zane. He thinks she's there to tear his family apart, insisting Jimmy's meant to be home in Minnesota, not in New York. She met him once with no desire to meet again. She would do anything for Jimmy. She sadly found out he would do anything for her.

Tragedy strikes, leaving Ava under the depths of despair, struggling to climb her way out. Wishing that Jimmy were there to help her out of her turmoil, she finds herself face-to-face again with Zane in Minnesota. His anger towards her is worse than the last time. She doesn't blame him since he has every right to hate her.

But as the days go by, surprisingly, his attitude starts to change towards her. She discovers the only comfort to her pain comes from him, creating a connection so deep it frightens her. The way her body yearns for his is so wrong, yet feels so right. She can't seem to resist him as her heart begins to heal. Only problem is, he'll never step foot in New York. That's her home. If only she can forgive herself and create a new home, specifically with Zane, if he'll have her.

Protecting You by Amanda Siegrist
(A McCord Family Novel Book 1)

Protecting You (A McCord Family Novel Book 1)Jimmy McCord was the brother who danced to the beat of a different drum, so instead of staying home on the Minnesota farm, he went to New York to be a detective who would find good friends and a career he loved. When tragedy strikes, his best friend, seasoned crime scene investigator Ava Rainer is emotionally and mentally destroyed, questioning her life, taking the blame for what happened and spiraling out of control in a downward spiral into a devastating depression.

The kind-hearted actions by Austin, one of Jimmy’s brothers puts her in a position to face the hatred and wrath of the oldest McCord brother, Zane. Like acid on flesh, Zane’s vitriol seems boundless and Ava has fallen so far, she almost willingly accepts what he spews. But when the nightmares come, it is only in Zane’s arms that she feels safe and quiets, even though she isn’t really aware he is there. Meanwhile, Zane discovers there is more to Ava then a badge, an attitude and a gun. He finds a woman of worth, honor and heart, but how can he even begin to let her know?

Amanda Siegrist’s Protecting You is a tale of loss, selfishness, jealousy and blame as one seemingly hard-hearted man unveils his own softness and vulnerability to a woman he had sworn to hate. She, in turn, learns to accept a shoulder to lean on, and to accept that she cannot control the actions of others or blame herself when the worst happens. Ms. Siegrist’s tale is filled with adult angst, emotional devastation and shared healing as two souls find love, thanks to the Cupid-like antics of another. Get ready to share a few chuckles, thanks to the ever charming Austin, blow a few gaskets, thanks to the brutal side of Zane and to want to shake some sense into Ava for her misplaced guilt. If Cupid hadn’t stepped in with a little help from Austin, I wouldn’t have been able to sigh with relief! Another excellent read from Amanda Siegrist, but this one comes complete with the sights, sounds and smells of a Minnesota farm, as well as the grit of NYC streets, and the inner turmoil that comes to both places. That is how wonderfully in depth, her writing is.

I received this copy from Amanda Siegrist in exchange for my honest review.

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