Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sharon Johnson's Doubt Series Tour & Giveaway


DeMatteo Santiago is the Alpha of one of the largest prides in North America. He is a young, successful lion shifter, surrounded by a large family and his devoted lover. By anyone's account he has more than any one man can ask for, but his lion cares of nothing except finding their mate.

An unexpected business trip pits DeMatteo and his long awaited mate on opposite sides of the courtroom. But when challenged by ex-lovers, nosey siblings, and crazy hunters, DeMatteo realizes that finding his mate was the easy part. The real question is whether they will live long enough to be together.

This release is an M/M paranormal shifter romance. This series will contain, graphic violence, graphic language, and Mpreg. What it will not be is an instant mate fairytale, as forces set out to destroy everything and everyone.

This story is the prequel to "Beyond A Reasonable Doubt", Book 1 in the "Doubt Series". It is recommended that you read Book 1 to have a full understanding of the world and the characters.

This work is part of a multi book serial that is not meant to be read as a stand-alone. Each book will include a new pairing but they will all lead to the fulfilling of the prophecy. This series is mainly M/M the universe will include multiple pairings which may include M/M, M/F, M/M/M, M/M/F, F/F. I promise you by the end every question will be answered and every bridge will be crossed, but it may not lead you to where you were expecting.

Eighty six thousand, four hundred seconds. One thousand, four hundred and forty minutes. Twenty four hours. One day. In his twenty five years of life DeMatteo Santiago had often taken for granted how much could change in a single Day. When he crawled into bed at 10:30 pm on May 7th, 1980 there was no way of knowing how the next twenty four hours would forever alter his life. As a young Alpha lion shifter DeMatteo has left his pride, in search of his mate, and a pride of his own. But the fates have been conspiring for centuries to lead him to this precise moment in time. May 8 1980, 10:30 pm, a moment in time that will forever change the life of Matthew "DeMatteo" Santiago. Facing the challenges of being the new Alpha of the largest pride in the United States, DeMatteo must find a way to lead in the face of his own personal tragedy.

The story continues for Alpha DeMatteo Santiago and his mate. After the nightmare of having his pregnant mate kidnapped and tortured, DeMatteo begins the seemingly impossible process of piecing together the truth. Forces against them take this time to regroup and launch an all out attack. Lies and half truths fall apart as the past is investigated, but it's a race against time and failure could prove to be fatal.

This release is an M/M paranormal shifter romance. This series will contain scenes of graphic violence, graphic sex, graphic language, Mpreg, and graphic birth. What it will not be is an instant mate fairytale, as forces set out to destroy everything and everyone around him.

About the Author
LGBT Romance/Paranormal/Thriller/Suspense Author, Sharon Johnson is the pen name for a natural born story teller. Born and raised in New York City, Sharon is a former United States Marine with a quick wit and a vocabulary that would make most sailors blush. She specializes in M/M with Alpha males who are complex and flawed but are willing to fight for their HEA.



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