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Somewhere in California by Toby Neal (Michaels Family Romance Book 3)

Somewhere in California
by Toby Neal

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Michaels Family Romance - Book 3
Publisher: Toby Neal (June 21, 2016)
Publication Date: June 21, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 210 pages
Available from: Amazon

Dancing is everything—until it leads to love.

Jade Michaels has a simple life: home, school, dance studio—and lot to prove in the shadow of dynamic, talented older sisters. She runs away and risks everything to compete in the first-ever dance reality show in LA in 1992,  and meets the perfect guy—until she finds out he’s her sister’s ex.

Four years ago, producer Brandon Forbes rescued Jade’s sister Pearl from a mugger—and discovered her as a model. He fell hard, but she married someone else. Brandon thought his broken heart was ancient history—until Jade’s dazzling audition activates conflicted feelings he can’t deny.

Can Jade and Brandon navigate the past that separates them?

 Somewhere in California by Toby Neal
(Michaels Family Romance Book 3)

Somewhere in California (Michaels Family Romance Book 3)Sometimes following the road to success that your older siblings have travelled is just too impossible, especially when you don’t feel as smart or as pretty. Jade has one love, dancing and she is determined to use her talent to rocket her way into the world, one dance step at a time. Maybe running away to enter a reality show dance competition wasn’t her best move, actually, it was terrifying until she met the producer and fell a little bit in love. But once again, she finds herself standing in the shadow of her sister Pearl, lapping up her leftovers like a puppy starved for attention and letting her OCD tendencies rule her life.

Producer Brandon Forbes once thought he was in love with Pearl, but she chose another, leaving him crushed, but maybe she did him a favor, because Jade was like a breath of fresh air on a sunny spring day. Her worst enemy was herself, her insecurities and her OCD tendencies she tried to hide. She alternates between coming on like a siren or scurrying away like a scared rabbit with a chip on her shoulder. Can Brandon convince her it’s time to let go of the past and see the beautiful woman she has become, talented in her own right, never needing to cower in someone else’s wake? Can't she sees how he feels?

Talk about a chaotic, high energy and emotionally charged tale as we step onto the stage with the dancers all vying for contracts, contacts and big dollar prize! Toby Neal’s Somewhere in California and Jade may just be my favorite sister in the series! Jade is flawed, it is obvious she has some problems and yet, she is like poetry in motion on the dance floor, emanating feeling, and the love of the dance. This is her world, hers alone, but Brandon has stolen her heart. Brandon has his own issues, but caring about Jade isn’t one of them. She may be his own healing balm in the arena of life.

A delightfully colorful cast of characters from the dancers on up. Ms. Neal has put family first as Jade crosses the barrier from baby sister to young woman on the move as she learns that life isn’t all about her woes and no one’s life is perfect! Any author who can bring the expression of the body, mind and soul of dancing to life until it plays across your mind, music included, is an author to read!

I received this copy from Toby Neal in exchange for my honest review.

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