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Take a Chance on Me by Virginia Kelly (Florida Sands Romantic Suspense #3)

Take a Chance on Me
by Virginia Kelly

My rating: 5 stars
Series: Florida Sands Romantic Suspense - Book 3
Publisher: Virginia Kelly (September 12, 2016)
Publication Date: September 12, 2016
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 242 pages
Available from: Amazon
She has a target on her back...only he can save her

An injury robbed Delta Force Operator Bobby Alvarez's memories of the mission that left a brother-in-arms dead. He blames himself, and until his memory returns, he won’t stop questioning his abilities. On leave, he’s forced to use the skills and sixth sense that failed to keep his team safe.

Melanie Mackenzie overheard a powerful U.S. senator admit to murder, and now he’s set her up to take the fall. With overwhelming evidence against her for murder and treason, she’s on the run from the senator's hitmen and the FBI. There’s no one she can trust, and even the stranger she meets on the beach seems more threat than salvation—until the hitmen find her.

Working together to clear her name, Bobby and Mel race to stay ahead of the killers, but the simmering desire between them may be danger in disguise. Because Bobby’s keeping a secret that could end any chance at happiness…and lead them both into a death trap.

Secrets, murder, treason, and fiery passion. Who can you trust?

 Take a Chance on Me by Virginia Kelly
(Florida Sands Romantic Suspense #3)

Take a Chance on Me (Florida Sands Romantic Suspense, #3)She is a woman running for her life, trying to stay one step ahead of the mighty reach of a U.S. Senator who has admitted to committing murder. It was an accident, she never actually heard the Senator confess, but now he is setting up his house of cards to fall on her and Melanie Mackenzie has become the object of hitmen and the suspect for murder for the FBI. Altering her appearance, she cleans the beachside homes of the wealthy. Little did she know the last house she entered was not empty until she got an eyeful of gorgeous just stepping out of the shower. So, what do you say to a naked man?

Bobby is on leave, a Delta Force Operator, recovering from a disaster that left many of his brothers in arms dead. All he wanted was a little peace and quiet until he could get back into the action. And that is exactly what Melanie gives him. Doubtful of her story, yet still “feeling” she is telling the truth, together these two head off to parts unknown trying to stay one step ahead of death while trying to gather the evidence needed to both clear her name and put the rightful killer behind bars.

Not a man to be attracted to a woman for more than a one night stand, Bobby is taken by this terrified woman with the determination of a warrior on the front line. Melanie is beautiful, vulnerable, and alone, but Bobby may be just the man she needs to stay alive, if only her heart doesn’t betray her feelings. Follow these two as the web around them tightens and they become puppets on a string that seems to stay one step ahead of them.

Virginia Kelly’s latest addition to her series about very alpha men and very feisty women in danger, Take a Chance On Me sizzles with excitement, both under the sheets and on the road to redemption. Bobby is more than muscle, he has heart and a few tricks up his sleeve to save the woman he is falling for. Melanie, talk about a woman who can think on her feet, but over her depth when playing with “the big dogs with all the power.” She is strong, scared and not one to trust easily anymore.

Together they take a chance on each other in another engaging tale from Virginia Kelly! Rapid-fire pacing, sky-high romantic tension, deceit, death and little chance to beat the Big Machine, these two are a great team to root for and for sure, Bobby is going down as another tough guy who falls for a smart and feisty woman.

I received this copy from Virginia Kelly in exchange for my honest review.

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