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Tangled Up in Blue by H.D. Brick (Ikana College #1)

Tangled Up in Blue
by J.D. Brick

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Ikana College - Book 1
Publisher: J.D. Brick (March 14, 2015)
Publication Date: March 14, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance NA
Print Length: 258 pages
Available from: Amazon

A red-hot boy named Blue. A heart-wrenching love story...

Keegan Crenshaw needs a hero. She's a straight-A student from a famous Oklahoma family and the youngest-ever editor of her college newspaper. She's got a lot to prove. But she's got enemies. Someone's out to get her. Someone's got her running scared. And she runs right into the arms of a red-hot boy named Blue.

Deep down, Blue is still the brave soldier who risked his life for others in Afghanistan. He's still a hero, even if he no longer believes it. All he wants now, though, is to make music and bury the secret that could destroy his future. Blue tries hard to be a good guy. But he's wrestling with demons he can barely control. And when Keegan moves into his house and very quickly into his heart, his hard-fought control begins to slip away.

Keegan and Blue can't stay away from each other, can't stop thinking about each other. They have a connection--body, mind and soul--they cannot resist. But it will cost them dearly. Secrets have a way of exploding into the light. Sometimes it's hard to know who's a hero and who'll turn out to be a heartbreaker.

Is Blue the love of Keegan's life, her knight in shining armor? Or will he become an agonizing mistake?

Tangled Up in Blue by H.D. Brick (Ikana College #1) 

Tangled Up in Blue (Ikana College, #1)Clear your mind and open your heart to a story that could have been the typical college romance filled with the requisite excessive sex and romantic angst, but it’s not. You are about to enter into a world where two people find the strength to depend on and truly trust in each other when things look their bleakest and the past is the most haunting.

J.D. Brick’s Tangled Up in Blue is true love at its finest as Keegan and Blue meet just when Keegan needed someone most. She is being stalked, her reputation and her accomplishments are on the line and all she has worked for could be taken away in a heartbeat. Blue becomes her knight in tarnished armor, her protector, her strength and everything her heart could want.

Blue is ex-military, currently disguised as a party boy with a keen sense of responsibility and a quirky sense of musical taste. He also lives every day with a nightmare from his past in Afghanistan when he lost his best friends, the soldiers who tried to have his back in a land where you trust no one, nothing you see and realize that every minute you breathe could be your last. He came home a decorated hero with PTSD and a cowardly lie deep in his gut. Keegan soothes his inner demons and he vows to become the man she deserves, at any price. Heros aren’t born, and their heroism isn’t always obvious, but sometimes just the courage to own the truth deserves recognition.

Prepare to be gutted by the pain of lies, blackmail and the consequences of deceit as two souls face losing the most precious gift they have found, love. What J.D. Brick wrote as a contemporary romance, I call true romantic brilliance with heart, characters that will rock your world and the discovery of how far one’s heart will take them to hold on to love.

I received this copy from H.D. Brick in exchange for my honest review.

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