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The Amber Project by J.N. Chaney (The Variant Saga, #1)

The Amber Project
by J.N. Chaney

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Variant Saga - Book 1
Publisher: Variant Publications; 1 edition (April 12, 2015)
Publication Date: April 12, 2015
Genre: Sci-fi | Fantasy
Print Length: 344 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
In 2157, a mysterious gas known as Variant spreads across the globe, killing or mutating most organic life. The surviving humans take refuge in an underground city, determined to return home. But after generations of failures and botched attempts, hope is beginning to dwindle. That is, until a young scientist makes a unique discovery—and everything changes. Suddenly, there’s reason to hope again, and it rests within a group of genetically engineered children that are both human and Variant.

Terry is one of these children, modified and trained to endure the harsh conditions of a planet he cannot begin to understand. After years of preparation, Terry thinks he knows what to expect. But the reality is far stranger than anything he can imagine—and what he will become is far more dangerous.  

 The Amber Project by J.N. Chaney (The Variant Saga, #1)
The Amber Project (Volume 1)Future Earth has been poisoned by a mysterious gas named Variant, forcing the survivors to create an underground society. Generations of humans have attempted to re-populate the surface, but all attempts have ended in failure until genetically altered children become humanity’s last hope. But have the adults become such cowards they would keep secrets from these teens?

In a society that manages births and takes children away from their mothers at seven years old, Terry has excelled in the academy he has lived at. His ability to perform different actions and to calculate how and what to do has not prepared him for what he and his friends will find when they are sent to the surface. Able to breathe the Variant air, and with limited supplies, this brave group will discover where it all began, but what will happen if they destroy the machinery responsible?

The Amber Project by J.N. Chaney is, in a word, stupendous! I was right there, through the underground government machinations, the rivalries and one hundred percent invested in these amazing teens. Once they hit the surface, I followed their journey and all that happened, good and bad. I even felt my throat constrict at one point, when one unselfish act made me choke up.
Wonderful characters, fascinating plotting and another author hits my hidden gem pile! I will definitely be following this series!

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