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Sandra W
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Renee R
e-Books 1 & 2 & 3* of The Shoalman Chronicles 
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Brandi D

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Coming September 15, 2016

Victor Ruso has been on the run since the night he linked a cursed Immortal and his Guardian, reluctantly forcing his ascension as a Guardian Ink Master. Instead of something his loved ones could celebrate, the passing of that mantle destroyed his family. While continuing to chase his next ink high, Victor must now hide from both the Guardian who betrayed his father and an uncle who would kill to steal his gift and secret. But he never counted on fate dropping a dark-haired complication into his tattooed arms.

The death of Carmen Solvak's beloved grandmother raises a question she's not ready to answer. Will loneliness be her only fate since the legacy of their Guardian blood passed her by? Unaware of her dormant power, Carmen captures Victor’s soul with a single innocent touch. She struggles against his mysterious pull and the exciting new future he offers. Which path leads to her true purpose; the one Carmen planned, or the one fate just handed to her in the form of a sexy, Guardian Ink Master?

His gift connects them.
Her touch unlocks their fate.



"No. Don't pull away." She laid her hand on his chest and Victor groaned.
"You don't know what you're doing." Victor's voice, husky and breathless, brought Carmen closer. "This is where you should run," he whispered.
"I'm not running this time." Carmen let impulse lead. Right into a kiss so heady, she thought she might drown in the sensation. Strong hands tangled in her hair pulling her on top as Victor rolled to his back. Pressed against his chest, the tingle that surged through her fingers last time, now coursed through her chest, racing to every nerve ending as though connected to an electrical current. A pounding sound filled the air, followed by an annoying pitch that scraped against Carmen's brain like nails on a chalkboard.
"Stop," Victor gasped. "That's my phone. My sister."
Sister? Carmen rolled off Victor, the stale smoke smell and mustiness of the motel room snapping her back to harsh reality.
"Victor, open the door." The pounding continued. "I know what you’re doing."
"Shit." Victor bounced off the bed. He paced three steps before hauling Carmen to her feet. "Bathroom. Hide."
"Please," he begged. "I promise I'll explain everything as soon as I calm Rori down."
No way in hell she was hiding in some gross bathroom that hadn't seen the good side of a toilet brush in spirits knew how long for some guy she just met. Except that Victor was in a total panic. And utterly adorable begging.
"Fine." Carmen grabbed her jacket and gloves off the bed, her other hand snagging her helmet. "But I expect answers. And don't even think of running out on me." That thought dropped a bucket of ice down her spine. Closing the bathroom door, Carmen dug out her phone. She'd never hear the end of it, but better safe than sorry.
"Lucien? Slow down, I'm fine. I, um, might need you to come get me though. Where?" She took a deep breath and waited for the explosion she knew was coming. "Motel Apex, off Clifton Avenue."
Silence. Carmen looked to make sure the call hadn't dropped. She wasn't that lucky.
"Stay put. I'll be there in two minutes," Lucien's voice radiated controlled rage.
Looks like Victor wasn't going to be the only one answering questions by family.


Kira                                Toni
Who is Toni Decker?
Two authors telling one sizzling story after another about twenty-somethings getting along in their own crazy, fantastical worlds. Both women are wives and mothers, sharing brain cells and characters as if they only exist with the other.
Toni, one half of the Toni Decker brain, is an avid reader of all things Young and New Adult while Kira, the Decker half of Toni Decker brain, devours fantasy for midnight snacks

Together, their stories are one part New Adult, one part Fantasy and three parts of Holy Hotness.

We leave it up to the readers to decide who writes which character.

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