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Through the Flames by Bonnie R. Paulson (Into the End #2)

Through the Flames
by Bonnie R. Paulson

My rating: 4.5 stars
Series: Into the End - Book 2
Publisher: Captiva Publishing (July 17, 2012)
Publication Date: July 17, 2012
Genre: Political Suspense
Print Length: 300 pages
Available from: Amazon

 Allies = All Lies

America is burning. The unknown blinds the citizens from fighting.

Dr. Rachel Parker’s worst psychological designs are loosed on America by an unknown enemy. She leaves the safety of the mountains for the destruction of town to face her co-designer, Daniel, whose role is blurred by the smoke of deception. Captured by militia, Rachel has to find the answers she’s seeking. She’s not prepared to look within her own damaged mind for the solutions. Rachel’s frame of sanity and emotional stability lay on the line parallel to the country’s circumstances.

Brenda Krous, Rachel’s sister, possesses information that could change the face of the war. Sacrifices to get there become more and more personal until the “Brenda” she was and the “Brenda” she is becoming hit a crossroads. If she finds the compassion to help her sister, her patriotism to the nation might be sacrificed. 

 Through the Flames by Bonnie R. Paulson (Into the End #2)
Through the Flames (Into the End, #2)Her studies were innocent enough, all in the name of science, but did Dr. Rachel Parker know better? American are blind to the danger all around them as the horrors of Dr. Parker’s discoveries are unleashed on an unsuspecting country. How long can Rachel hide out when those she called friends seem to have told more lies than truths. Is she too damaged to repair the havoc she has caused? As her sister carries hidden secrets and is torn between family and country, how does she weigh the consequences of her decisions?

Through the Flames by Bonnie R. Paulson is a far too horrific tale to be ignored in this uncertain world we live in. Two women are caught in the middle, both with the opportunity to save their country, but only one has the mental strength to carry through. Unanswered questions find answers as new questions arise and the tension is on a steady incline with each page turned.

Do you like apocalyptic tales that draw from the wells of the unknown and science? Do you like to test your mettle when survival is at stake? A wonderfully edgy and entertaining read.

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