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Above the Sky by Jenny Lynne (The Sky Series, #1)

Above the Sky
by Jenny Lynne

My rating: 5 stars
Series: The Sky Series - Book 1
Publication Date: July 9, 2015
Publisher: Jenny Lynne
Genre: YA Scifi | Dystopian
Print Length: 349 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Eighteen-year-old Seven and her best friend, Ten, live where all is peaceful ... except for the violent war raging above the sky. Lifelike humanoid robots and self-operated drones tend to everyone's needs, leaving people free to spend their time stimulating their minds and enjoying life's pleasures. But there are strict rules and few choices.

Every year, on Assignment Day, the path of each eighteen-year-old's life is laid out. Some are given the jobs for which they have shown exceptional aptitude and are "paired" for mating. The others are sent off to fight in The War and never return.

When Assignment Day comes for Seven, the assignments shatter everything she's ever believed. The rules force everyone to accept their fates, but Seven decides to do something unprecedented: to go against the Decision Makers' wishes.

Above the Sky by Jenny Lynne (The Sky Series, #1)

Why is it that those in power cripple their youth with lies, outright and of omission? In a dystopian world where names have no meaning, stripping the inhabitants of their identity, everyone is giving a number and touching is forbidden, further isolating the youth in a time when they need to learn to socialize and communicate. Seven is a rebel and her best friend, Ten is her partner in crime, going where not allowed, seeking the unknown and sure they will be chosen as mates. When the day of choosing their future jobs and mates comes, they are not only NOT mated, Ten is to be sent to become a warrior, a job where no one ever returns. To make matters worse, Seven’s twin sister, Six is also chosen as a warrior. This is the story of young love, young daring and proof that the leaders are clueless to the needs of their people as Seven switches places with Six to be able to be with Ten and to discover the truth of where the warriors go. Will she find that the great war being waged outside of their underground world is a farce? Or will she find that she has made a mistake by being impulsive?

So many secrets, shocking truths and possible discovery, plague the new life Seven has undertaken. This is her story, a story filled with bravery and daring and concern for those around her.

Jenny Lynne’s Above the Sky has suspense, mystery and danger, as well as love, the love that will choose the road less taken as Seven becomes convinced that her world NEEDS to know what it truly means to be a warrior! Fast-paced, with characters that feel alive, Ms. Lynne delivers another fabulous read for those of us who love great writing, great story telling and a world withholding terrible truths. This is NOT a cookie-cutter dystopian read, fresh angles, amazing dialogue and secrets unveiled, make this a non-stop adventure from start to finish! Older YA on up!

I received this copy from Jenny Lynne in exchange for my honest review.

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