Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Amber Sky (Dark Sky 0.25) by Amy Braun

Amber Sky
by Amy Braun

My rating: 5 stars
Series: Dark Sky - Book .25
Publisher: Amy Braun (October 4, 2016)
Publication Date: October 4, 2016
Genre: YA Scifi Dystopian
Print Length: 125 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Press-ganged into servitude by a ruthless band of marauders who survived the devastating Storm, Nash has grown tired of his career– the young, undefeated champion of the Stray Dog fighting pits. All he longs for is a place to live where his family is not his enemy.

When his captain gives him an assignment to embed him deeper into the crew, Nash attempts to refuse, until the life of his friend is threatened. Determined to save her, Nash embarks on the mission to subjugate and control a supplier. But the supplier has other clients, one of which could be the son of the most feared pirate captain in all of Westraven.

And if Nash plays his cards right, the key to his deeply desired freedom, if he can live with the consequences of his choice…

Set two years before the events of CRIMSON SKY, this prequel novella tells the story of how Nash and Sawyer crossed paths– and fists. While best enjoyed before reading CRIMSON SKY, this bonus story can be read at any time or enjoyed as a standalone.

Amber Sky (Dark Sky 0.25) by Amy Braun

Amber Sky (Dark Sky #0.25)After the Storm, he was forced to survive by growing up as a Crater Fighter and although young, Nash has become the best, for which his “brothers” in the Stray Dogs hate him. Never able to relax or trust in anyone, never having a real friend except for the young woman the men used as a play thing, somehow, Nash became like the raw and feral monsters his gang has become.

Sawyer was a prize catch, the son of one of the most brutal pirates to darken the skies, the last survivor of his nefarious family, and enemy to all. Prejudged, alone and self-trained to be a warrior, his capture by the Stray Dogs can only mean a painful and brutal death.
Determined to escape and find a life worth living, like the one he remembered, Nash will take Sawyer and Sonya with him. Can they make it to the outside world from the caverns they live in? Can they survive in a world now owned by blood-sucking monster? In a world where finding trust and friendship is often as deadly as it is rare, Nash and Sawyer must learn to become allies or perish.

Not for the faint of heart, the battles and hand to hand combat are brutal, this is survival and there are no holds barred as Amy Braun tells the story of two young men, how they met and how they choose to fight to survive. Amber Sky is driven by characters who deserve better, who have the honor so lacking in a world gone mad. It’s a dog eat dog world if the bloodsuckers don’t get you first. A fabulous backstory on two main characters and how they came to meet. Ms. Braun colors her writing canvas with tension, brute force, pain and the longing for a taste of freedom with characters with the heart to grasp at for it with both fists.

I received an ARC edition from Amy Braun in exchange for my honest review.

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