Monday, October 3, 2016

And Never Say Goodbye by Nancy Glynn (Town of Destiny #2)

And Never Say Goodbye
By Nancy Glynn

My Rating: 5 Stars
Publication Date: October 3, 2016
Publisher: Nancy Glynn 
ISBN-13: 9781537574134
Genre: Literature | Fiction | Romance
Print Length: 280 pages
A woman of honor. A man desperately in love. A heartbreaking choice.

Ice. That's what they call her. Mallory "Ice" McShane. Living in an old family farmhouse, hiding from tornadoes, she's biding her time. A promise still unmet. But thoughts of coworker, Lawson Gallagher, burn her soul, making the promise harder to fulfill.

Don't listen to the rumors...thieves of the truth.

Wolf. That's what they call him. In the OR...and in bed. But Lawson only wants one woman called "Ice." And her promise to someone from the past stands in their way. Desires of her possess him with every donor case they perform together. Respect merges into something more...

He'll do whatever it takes...

After Mallory and Lawson come together, they realize a love that's on a path to heartbreak. A promise stands between them, ready to snatch a future that's already doomed. A future that's been laid out for Mallory, dashing any hope of another man's love. Lawson dares to fight this plan. Will Mallory honor the promise...or her heart?
This story is dedicated to the unsung heroes behind the scenes of organ donation. When everything falls into place for the donors and the recipients, there is a reason for this. Mallory and Lawson represent those behind all the paperwork, obtaining consent, being there for the grieving donor families, organ placement, and the beautiful process that unfolds behind invisible walls. You are appreciated! We never really do say goodbye.

And Never Say Goodbye by Nancy Glynn 
(Town of Destiny #2)

Long ago she made a promise out of love and to this very day, it haunts her, frightens her and she has not yet fulfilled it. A talented and empathetic organ donor coordinator, she does the job that would break another with less heart, on a personal basis, she holds a distance between herself and the rest of the hospital, gaining her the name “Ice.” The truth is, Mallory has more love and warmth to give than she knows what to do with, but her past oath holds her in stasis.

He is the ultimate in surgeons, the best, and his reputation with the women has earned him the name “Wolf.”  He has no time for love, so his lists of conquests is long. He hates the name and the reputation, but the truth is, his heart DOES belong to one very special woman, a woman who is so far off limits she isn’t even in the same universe. But the time has come to take action, to go on the hunt and Mallory is his heart’s prey.

Is it possible he can discover what she hides deep within?  Can he convince her life is for the living and should NOT be held prisoner by the past?  Can he win her heart and make her his?

And Never Say Goodbye by Nancy Glynn is a beautiful tale of love, loss, giving and reclaiming life. Ms. Glynn takes two characters and brings them together to fight through the muddy waters of the past, overcome the rumors of the present and look to finding a future together. Spotlighting Organ Donation while creating a romantic tale is a beautiful way to showcase taking great tragedy and turning it into a gift of life, hope and the continuation of one’s life in a most heart-warming way.  Ms. Glynn has shared her wonderful imagination, the warmth of romance with spice and the need to move on for the living.

I received this Arc edition from Nancy Glynn in exchange for my honest review.

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