Thursday, October 13, 2016

Duke by Jessica Gadziala (The Henchmen, #5)

by Jessica Gadziala


Series: The Henchman MC - Book 5
Publication Date: October 5, 2016
Publisher: Jessica Gadziala
Genre: Contemporary Romance | Suspense
Print Length: 253 pages
Available from: Amazon

It meant war.


The relative peace we have known for years was gone in one violent act. Then, among the ever-present and increasingly bloody unknown threat, I met her.

But when passions ignite, complicating an already impossible situation, I am left to wonder if there is a way to overcome the dark and twisted secrets of my past that would allow me to have any kind of future with her.


I was just a normal girl. I swear. One moment, I was just living my usual boring life. The next, I found myself in the middle of some kind of underground war between an outlaw biker gang and some faceless enemy.

Trapped in a whole new world and in ever-increasing close proximity to the tall, strong, long blond-haired, deep blue-eyed biker named Duke, yeah, let’s just say things got even more interesting.

But Duke had secrets.
And when they came into the light, I realized they were the kind that I wasn’t sure I could live with…

Duke by Jessica Gadziala (The Henchmen, #5)

Duke (The Henchmen MC, #5)I could probably sum up my review and my rating in three words...Jessica Gadziala-Henchmen...and need say no more, know how I ramble...

Moving to Navesink Bank to be near her elderly grandmother, Penny was just a normal girl, in need of directions and the tough, but handsome bikers who helped her out put a target on her back to be used as a warning by a mysterious threat to the henchman that war is coming. Bloody, battered and bruised, Penny is now under the protection of the Henchman and one biker in particular will die before any more harm comes to her. Duke has sworn an oath to protect Penny, because there is just something about her that calls to his inner “family man,” a need to protect her, possess and make her his. But is the baggage he carries anything she needs to share in? Is the danger she is now in worth risking her life over?

Love can be a bitch when it comes at one of the worst times in Henchmen history, but Penny proves she is more than a match for the challenges she is faced with. And Duke? Under that rough and tough exterior is a man with a heart filled with kindness, who knew he could be owned, body, soul and heart by a mere slip of a woman with more inner strength than all of the Henchmen combined?

Jessica Gadziala has finally told Duke’s story, his way, including all of the darkness, the evil and the turmoil that comes with living on the edge, just shy of the rules of society. Who knew that anti-heroes like the henchman would have such a hold on my heart? I actually got a lump in my throat at one point and had to re-read that part to make sure I didn’t misunderstand! You’re killing me, Jessica, killing me! Once again, a strong woman, raw need and desires brings another Henchman standing right in the bullseye of Cupid’s arrow as the entire club fights for its very existence against an unknown enemy.

I received an ARC edition from Jessica Gadziala in exchange for my honest review.

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