Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hunter Mourned by Nancy Corrigan (Wild Hunt #3)

Hunter Mourned
by Nancy Corrigan

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Wild Hunt - Book 3
Publication Date: September 9, 2016
Publisher: Nancy Corrigan
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 340 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Two souls cheated. A love mourned. A future never forgotten.

One goal sends Trevor O’Connor prowling the streets at night—revenge against the man preying on tall, dark-haired women. But in the ‘Otherworld’ that Trevor is now a part of, plans never go as expected, especially when he’s only a human playing with monsters.

A random act of violence forces Rowan to face eternity alone. She fills her nights with mindless sex, hunting, and her duty to mankind…until she meets a man who helps her remember love. Claiming what once belonged to her isn’t as simple as she’d like, however.

She’s not free.

The curse hanging over her demands she choose a path. And Trevor will do anything to ensure she picks the right one.

 Hunter Mourned by Nancy Corrigan (Wild Hunt #3)

Hunter Mourned (Wild Hunt, #3)She has roamed the earth for eons, a Hunter through and through, alone, with half of her soul missing since the fateful day so long ago. Cursed to suffer the loss of her soul mate while searching for his reincarnation, will Rowan be able to separate the past and present in her heart and mind? Kai’s soul is back, buried deep within a human, Trevor, but instead of the strong, yet calming Kai, Trevor is a vibrant collage of emotions. He is fierce, eager for battle and has seen Rowan in dreams or visions.

Is Trevor the one to make Rowan live again? Will he bring her heart back to life, as well? Will Rowan understand he is not the man she has mourned, but his soul IS her other half?
Rowan has seen Trevor in pain, and his pain causes her to relive the night she lost her soul mate and she vows to watch over this human who longs to be a Hunter, a Teulu. Is her obsession with Trevor part of the Triad’s challenge for her? What about the tears of the goddess that was supposed to let them find each other over and over? Is it worth the pain that loss brings?

Hunter Mourned by Nancy Corrigan is simply more proof that love exists through the ages, through life and death and it can either bring the pain of loss or the foundation to love again. It’s all in the mystical chemistry of the gods and Trevor and Rowan have it in spades, together they are like raging infernos coming together in an explosion of passion. Ms. Corrigan shows the very “human” side of love, need and soul-deep loneliness while not letting her characters become soft and less fierce.

A lot of romance, a lot of heat and the turmoil from within, Ms. Corrigan is definitely in command of this installment and the trail she leads us down can be prickly and dark. She had me wondering if she was being too hard on Rowan, in the end, like any great adventure into another world, I was completed wrapped up in her tale! By far, one of the most intriguing and emotionally jarring adult paranormal series out there that just gets better and better every time.

I received this copy from Nancy Corrigan in exchange for my honest review.