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Life and Law: A Steampunk Adventure by Margaret McGaffey Fisk (The Steamship Chronicles, #4)

Life and Law:
A Steampunk Adventure
by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Steamship Chronicles - Book 4
Publisher: TTO Publishing; 1st edition (August 31, 2016)
Publication Date: August 31, 2016
Genre: Steampunk Fantasy
Print Length: 190 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

To protect his family, Henry will change the law itself.

The Natural laws declare anyone with the knack to transform machinery an inhuman criminal regardless of their actions. Henry has railed against this Act of Parliament in private, but finally he has the chance to fight back.

Lily’s health has suffered under the constant strain of sheltering a fugitive Nature, and an untimely word would have condemned every person on the estate. Henry had hoped sending his wife’s sister to safety on the Continent would bring relief from the threat that has been hanging over the manor and ease his wife’s suffering. Instead, disaster struck. Sam is missing with no word beyond vague rumors, and Lily grows ever worse.

If Henry can overturn the law that brands all Naturals as monsters and condemns those who help them, he’ll be able to search for Sam openly. He will bring her home and make their family whole again, drawing Lily out of her decline.

He has only to sway his peers in Parliament, a daunting task when his moral appeal fails. Nor does fate keep its hands out of the striving, choosing to send more complications the way of Lily and the manor in his absence.

His wife is dying and her sister is lost. Who better than Henry to take on all of England in their cause?

Life and Law: A Steampunk Adventure
by Margaret McGaffey Fisk
(The Steamship Chronicles, #4)
Life and Law: A Steampunk AdventureIn an alternate world that refuses to accept those different or gifted with abilities to “connect with machinery” and give them the “life” they long for, young Sam is considered a danger, inhuman, and a criminal. Her only chance at living a life free of fear is to leave England and live under the protection of others like her. Her older sister, Lily is her protector, making the heartbreaking decision to send her away as the danger increases. But Sam never made it to the ship and there is no word of what happened to the young child.

In poor health, thought to be dying, Lily discovers deceit and bigotry within her own household staff even as her husband rails against the law in Parliament that has torn their family apart. Can he convince his peers of the inhumanity of their wretched laws? Surely they are hiding their own family secrets while not being “man” enough to stand against the small-minded majority. Time is not on his side as his wife worsens and Sam is a little girl lost and alone, or worse.

Margaret McGaffey Fisk’s Life and Law portrays the steampunk world atmosphere and flavor to perfection while still exposing its ugly underbelly and heartbreaking prejudice not often seen. Her attention to the human side of fear is handled brilliantly without losing sight of delivering a tale that will intrigue readers of ALL ages. Wonderful characters, both good and bad, a terrifying disappearance that cannot be exposed and a mysterious illness that cannot be explained.

From start to finish, there is heart, emotion, moments of joy, secrets unveiled and hints at a fight for change coming, all in the name of one little girl lost in a cruel world that fears her gift. Highly, highly recommended for younger readers on up!

I received this copy from Margaret McGaffey Fisk in exchange for my honest review.

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