Monday, October 3, 2016

Serenity by India R. Adams (Forever Book 1)
by India R. Adams

My rating:  5 stars

Series: Forever - Book 1
Publisher: India's Productions; 1 edition (July 26, 2016)
Publication Date: July 26, 2016
Genre: Fantasy - Magical Realism
Print Length: 509 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

To say I know where this story begins is to say I remember what lifetime started it all…and why. What I do know is this lifetime is hard and cruel…maybe like the rest. That is until I meet him–the light that shines and guides me. To where, I don’t know, but my soul chooses to follow regardless. I believe my soul has done this before. I believe I will follow him…forever.

The toll on my spirit had slowly broken me down—day by day, night by night, drink by drink, hit by hit—to the limp, fragile, lost girl that Dereck Hamilton . . . carried away.

A destructive home life silently destroys Serenity, a 16-year-old girl, until her broken spirit is given a gift in the form of an old journal that sends her a visitor in the night. The cloaked woman teaches Serenity that the lingering feeling of missing a part of her soul may not be a figment of her imagination, and with these words, Serenity’s journey, of this lifetime, begins.

Away from the sun I close my eyes
and release myself into the unknown
I hope she is there
I hope she is there…

Serenity by India R. Adams (Forever Book 1)

Serenity (Forever, #1)Once again, India R. Adams blazes her own trail with depth, drama, charm and suckered punched my heart with the raw pain and a beautiful soulmate connection for a girl who sees emotions in colors, has dream visions and lives in a brutal reality. Serenity goes beyond an emotional rollercoaster as Ms. Adams exposes the ugly truths of dysfunctional families, child abuse and alcoholism, while giving a teen girl the support system few people truly have from unlikely sources, other teens and a secret diary.

Serenity and her best friend have been tied at the heart for years. Each lives a secret life of abuse and for so long had only each other to cling to. When older teens become their surrogate family, an unbreakable bond occurs and they find a safe place to land in the storm. When Serenity meets Dereck, she feels she has always known him and his kind and protective aura. When life reaches crisis-nightmare level, it is Dereck and his family that become her true shelter from the storm and they will go to any length to remain together. Is Dereck really Serenity’s future? Have the Fates saw fit to give a young woman the life she deserves or will they have one more mountain for her climb? Will she be strong enough to meet the summit?

When it comes to deep and meaningful writing, India R. Adams knows how to dig in and present a tale of heart that exposes tough topics while still bringing the joy of great reading to all who open her books. Her attention to setting a tone and then changing it up just a touch is brilliant as what starts out as a group of teens together, seemingly a little over the top in their exuberance reveals the true story of the value of support through hard times. Add in some romance, sadness, humor and wonderful characters and you’ll be hooked on the magi that is India R. Adams’ writing.

I received this copy from India R. Adams in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Sounds like an intriguing and awesome book, very unusual storyline and I like that. Dianne's review has me rushing out to buy this book right away!