Wednesday, November 16, 2016

367 Days by Jessica Gadziala

367 Days
by Jessica Gadziala
Publication Date: November 11, 2016
Publisher: Jessica Gadziala
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 257 pages
Available from: Amazon
I’m not crazy.
It’s not amnesia.
But I somehow lost a year of my life.

When the cops and doctors think you’re out of your mind, but you still need answers, where else is there to turn but a private investigator?

Sawyer is nothing you’d want in a friend- a little detached, cool, sarcastic, cocksure. But he’s everything you’d want in a private investigator- calm, capable, experienced, and just jaded enough by the darkness he’d seen to take a chance on some random girl who insists something more sinister must have happened to her than simple memory loss.

But thrown together, trying to get to the root of my mystery, feelings that were most definitely not client/professional start to emerge.  

367 Days by Jessica Gadziala

367 DaysShe woke up behind a garbage dumpster, she knew who she was, but not WHEN she was. Over one year was gone, vanished from her life and she has nowhere to turn. With no ID, no money and feeling “different,” Riya was dismissed as a little crazy by the police. She wasn’t crazy, she didn’t have amnesia, she knew who she was, she remembered her life, until 367 Days ago, but Fate brought her to the doorstep of Private Investigator Sawyer Anderson’s office. What did she have to lose?

In true Jessica Gadziala form, Sawyer turned out to be one hard, blunt and VERY sexy man who knows what he wants, what he believes and will stop at nothing to get the answers he requires. Beautiful Riya was either a beautiful liar or a damsel in distress with the inner strength of the Rock of Gibraltor and a body as soft as raw silk. Who better to rescue her than Sawyer, tough on the outside, with a soft and gooey inside full of heart.

Not quite a Knight in Shining Armor, the soul deep kindness he shows Riya is a moment that all readers are going to go into complete meltdown for the Big Bada** man who clearly has a heart of gold. Something sinister has happened to Riya during her missing year and until that mystery is solved, Sawyer will do all in his power to keep her glued safely to his side, preferably in his bed. What they discover is part demonic and twisted evil and part divine surprise, the only questions are: will they get the good news or the bad news first and will their blazing hot connection continue to spark and sizzle?

…And, once again, Jessica Gadziala takes what was already a fabulous plot and turned up the passion, the heat and the hormones as her latest alpha male falls head over heels for a woman with a missing past as he tries to be everything she will ever need for the present and the future they could both share! Hang on to your hearts, this one should come with smelling salts!

I received this ARC edition from Jessica Gadziala in exchange for my honest review and my knees are still weak.

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