Tuesday, November 15, 2016

'57 Chevy to Mars by Ethan Russell Erway

'57 Chevy to Mars
by Ethan Russell Erway

Publisher: Frozen Armadillo Publishing (October 20, 2016)
Publication Date: October 20, 2016
Genre: Fantasy Adventure | SCFI
Print Length: 319 pages
Available from: Amazon
In the summer of 1959, recent high school graduate and local drag racing star Johnny Garlits begins to date a visiting girl from Mars. Things are going fine until the girl's older brother and ex-boyfriend appear to seek revenge, and Johnny unwittingly finds himself in a high stakes race through the Solar System for pink slips- not for cars, but for planets.

'57 Chevy to Mars by Ethan Russell Erway

'57 Chevy to MarsA DeLorean may be able to travel through time, but a ’57 Chevy can you take out of this world and beyond the stars in a race for the Pink Slip for Earth! Johnny Garlits was the local drag racing hero of 1959. In the biggest race of his life, with his pink slip for his beloved ’57 Chevy on the line, the unthinkable happened, there was something or someone in the road. It may have cost him his car, but it opened his eyes to the galaxy and its inhabitants, the love of a Martian Princess and an adventure that will last a lifetime…but first he must prove himself as the first Earthling to dare to race around the sun, some moons and a planet or two.

Hang on tight for the adventure and romance of a lifetime as Johnny meets his Martian gal with the light green skin and purple eyes, Zamora, her brilliant, yet snarky younger brother and even her parents who just happen to be the King and Queen of Mars. Chuckle and smirk as Johnny meets the people of Venus and spends his time in a perpetual blush as his hormones run wild and he is crowned the King of Earth.

’57 CHEVY TO MARS by Ethan Russell Erway is only for readers who love a light, fast-paced and completely ingenious plot designed to entertain non-stop from start to finish! Filled with humor, a little young love, a VERY accepting mother and advice from beyond the grave, this creative science fiction tale is a light and lively read where anything that could happen, probably will.

Do you believe we are not alone in the galaxy? Do you imagine that these “aliens” are probably more advanced? I actually felt like Earth was missing out on some great inter-planetary block parties, thanks to the upbeat and light-hearted writing style of Ethan Russell Erway, I promise you, this journey into space will make you laugh out loud and wish for a ’57 Chevy of your own, talk about a muscle car! An inter-galactic gem that shines like the stars!

I received this copy from Ethan Russell Erway in exchange for my honest review.

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