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A Mistletoe Christmas by Hebby Roman (A West Texas Christmas Trilogy, #3)

A Mistletoe Christmas
by Hebby Roman

Trilogy: A West Texas Christmas Trilogy - Book 3
Publisher: Estrella Publishing; 1 edition (October 31, 2016)
Publication Date: October 31, 2016
Genre: Historical Romance
Print Length: 147 pages
Available from: Amazon
Ginny Brown is a poor seamstress’ daughter who worships the ground Chad MacKillian walks on... from afar. For as long as she can remember, she’s been in love with the prominent rancher. Befriended by Chad’s sister, Ginny overcomes her shyness when Chad finally notices her.
Unknown to Ginny or his sister, Chad is already engaged to the neighboring rancher’s daughter, but their engagement is a business arrangement. The more time Chad spends with Ginny, the more he questions his future plans. Torn between honoring his engagement and his growing feelings for Ginny, he avoids making a decision.
When Chad’s fiancĂ©e catches him kissing Ginny beneath the mistletoe, she breaks their engagement. Chad is relieved to be free, but Ginny is humiliated and has had enough of his inconstancy. Faced with losing Ginny and fighting off outlaws bent on revenge, Chad begs Ginny to marry him. But can Chad convince Ginny he really loves her and is eager for her to be his wife?  

A Mistletoe Christmas by Hebby Roman
(A West Texas Christmas Trilogy, #3)

A Mistletoe Christmas (A West Texas Christmas Trilogy Book 3)How could a handsome and intelligent rancher ever notice a poor seamstress who thinks she has nothing to offer? Ginny has loved Chad from afar for as long as she can remember. It isn’t until she befriends Chad’s sister, the newly wed Lindsay that she finally meets face to face with Chad. With Lindsay’s encouragement, Ginny throws caution to the wind and breaks the shell she has cocooned herself in. What she doesn’t know is that the man who is finally noticing her is engaged to another and that simple yet meaningful kiss under the mistletoe will become one of the most painful and humiliating events of her life. Even if Chad were to be free, could she believe in his fidelity or will she see him as a dandy who takes what he wants without conscience. How could she be so wrong about someone she has held in high esteem for so many years?

We think of the days of yesteryear as simpler times, but were they? Enter Hebby Roman’s tale of A MISTLETOE CHRISTMAS and feel the frustrations of the times, the hard work each day brought and the effort it took just to survive, particularly as a woman under the fear of constant scrutiny. You will love Ginny, that woman has a hidden tiger just waiting to be cut loose! She is insecure, lonely, but once kindled her character is a brilliant statement to the strength of women “back in the day.” Chad, okay, he did have a rather big secret, no two ways about it, but was his intent to fool everyone? Can he help that the hidden beauty of mind, body and spirit that lived within Ginny drew him like a moth to the flame? Great story telling, sweet romance, tarnished souls, could there be redemption during the season of miracles? Hebby Roman scores again with atmosphere, characters and, geez, those darn sheep. ;)

I received this copy from Hebby Roman in exchange for my honest review.

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