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Beguile her by Ava Hayworth (Laws of Seduction, #2)

Beguile her
by Ava Hayworth

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Laws of Seduction - Book 2
Publisher: Ava Hayworth (June 29, 2016)
Publication Date: June 29, 2016
Genre: Romantic erotica | Suspense
Print Length: 98 pages
Available from: Amazon

The story of Lainey and James continues in the second book in the Laws of Seduction series. Will the secrets from their pasts and forces beyond their control continue to drive them apart? Hold on to your seats, readers, as this scorching workplace drama unfolds

My job as a junior associate at one of Manhattan’s largest law firms couldn’t be going better. It’s my personal life that keeps me off balance. I thought James and I were off to a fresh start, but he continues to blow hot one moment and cold the next. James works closely with a beautiful senior associate from our firm. Seeing them together every day makes my doubts grow. What is really going on between them? Is he worth it? Maybe I should give my summer fling Davis another chance, or were things really that bad with my ex-boyfriend Mark? He says he wants me back. Can I resist the seductive allure of James McAllister, or am I just kidding myself?  

Beguile her by Ava Hayworth (Laws of Seduction, #2)

Beguile her (Laws of Seduction, #2)If you have worked, you have experienced the drama behind the scenes in any workplace. For Lainey, her fascination and sensual pull to James is both heavenly and hellish as he scorches her mind and body one minute, then gives her the deep freeze the next. Past romances are coming back into Lainey’s life, are they truly hoping for another chance or is there something else behind their unsolicited attentions? Is there a reason James can appear to be a little too close to another senior lawyer, while Lainey cannot even speak to men she has known? Is it driving her to deceive James to keep the peace? Is this any way to have a relationship? Is everything she has heard about James true? When they are apart, he wants her, when they are together he holds back any weakness, always needing control.

Lainey is clearly a target on someone’s “hit” list, but why? Welcome back into the chaos that seems to rule Lainey and James every step of the way as doubt creeps into their on again, off again relationship.

And again, Ava Hayworth brings erotic romance and suspense back together in BEGUILE HER as James and Lainey continue to bewitch, bother and bewilder each other from the bedroom to the boardroom with raw need and possessiveness while still holding back on heart to heart conversations in the name of personal defense.

Ms. Hayworth isn’t asking anyone to like her characters, they are both terribly flawed and one of them is certainly out of her depth. Is James playing with Lainey? Why would Lainey accept being under someone’s thumb? We all express our emotions in different ways, for these two, it is through scorching hot intimacy and a game of control or be controlled. Although their relationship could be called inappropriate for the work place, Ms. Hayworth presents intriguing slices of lives we can only imagine, good or bad. Her writing is sensual and bold. Her plot is twisted and often dark and the angst level can rise at the drop of hat. The question is, will these two ever take the opportunity to just BE? Or will the world capsize their affair like a raft on the sea of doubt?

This novella based series has more steam then the best soap opera as lust and love compete for first place.

I received this copy from Ava Hayworth in exchange for my honest review.

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