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Blood Ice & Oak Moon by Marsha A. Moore (Coon Hollow Coven Tales, #3)

Blood Ice & Oak Moon: 
A Coon Hollow Coven Tale
by Marsha A. Moore

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Coon Hollow Coven - Book 3
Publication Date: October 3, 2016
Publisher: Marsha A. Moore
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Print Length: 211 pages
Available from: Amazon

Esme Underhill is about to discover a darkness hidden inside her that could destroy her chance for independence and possibly kill her.

Esme’s mother took her young daughter away from Southern Indiana’s Coon Hollow Coven to prevent her from learning about the unusual witchcraft she had inherited. When Esme is twenty-seven, her beloved Grammy Flora passes away and leaves her property in the Hollow to her granddaughter. With this opportunity to remake her life and gain independence, Esme attempts to emulate Grammy Flora as a wildwood mystic who relies on the hedge world of faeries to locate healing herbs. But fae are shrewd traders. When they open their world to her, she must meet the unknown malevolence of her birthright.

Thayne, the handsome king of the fae Winter Court, faces his own struggle to establish autonomy as a new regent. He is swept into the tempest of Esme’s unfolding powers, a dangerous threat to his court. His sworn duty is to protect his people, despite Esme’s beauty and allure, which tear at his resolve.

Both Esme’s and Thayne’s dreams of personal freedom are lost…unless they can trust each other and overcome surmounting dangers.

Series description:
The Coon Hollow Coven Tales series is about a coven of witches in a fictitious southern Indiana community, south of Bloomington, the neck of the woods where I spent my favorite childhood years surrounded by the love of a big family. The books are rich with a warm Hoosier down-home feel. There are interesting interactions between coven members and locals from the nearby small town of Bentbone. If magic wasn't enough of a difference between the two groups, the coven folk adhere to the 1930s lifestyle that existed when the coven formed.
Blood Ice & Oak Moon by Marsha A. Moore 
(Coon Hollow Coven Tales, #3)

Blood Ice & Oak Moon: A Coon Hollow Coven TaleEsme is coming home to Grammy’s house, not on a journey of happiness, but of sorrow. Grammy has died, but she left her home to Esme and with it the opportunity to become the witch her grandmother was, if given the chance. The Coon Hollow Coven must make the decision to allow Esme full rights as a witch in the coven or not. Disappointed, she is determined to earn her position in their ceremonies by emulating her grandmother’s unusual talents, as well as her connection to the fae world. Esme’s journey into the world of the fae will uncover the secrets hidden from her all of her life and discover the Winter Fae king, Thayne, a man sworn to protect his people at any cost. How can this woman of such beauty and appeal be the enemy when she is stealing his heart?

Ah, another journey to Coon Hollow, the land that is like a trip back in time. Marsha A. Moore paints a magical picture of both a long gone era and the tensions that run between those of different supernatural heritage. As lovely of a town as Coon Hollow can be, this coven is still closed off and extremely unwelcoming to what they consider outsiders. Watch Esme try all she can to fit in, and live up to the legend status her grandmother rose to. The struggle will be uphill all the way, especially when Esme finds what is hidden deep within her.

Fill your mind with the descriptions of the area, the people and the ice, yes, the ice! Marsha A. Moore casts her own spell on this tale with rich atmosphere, amazing plotting and high tension. Esme is brilliant, beautiful and desperately trying to find her own place in the world to thrive. She is sweet, a little insecure and when she discovers her inner strength and self-acceptance, she is dynamite as she stands against fae, dark magic and the small minds around her.

Another perk from Marsha A. Moore is that each of her books in the series can be read as standalones, in any order and never will she leave you cringing from the content and falling over a big cliffhanger at the end! This talented author is a must read, but only if you like your fantasy on the amazing and original side!

I received this copy from Marsha A. Moore in exchange for my honest review.

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