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Cloaked in Christmas by T.F. Walsh

Cloaked in Christmas
by T.F. Walsh

Publisher: Crimson Romance (November 28, 2016)
Publication Date: November 28, 2016
Genre: Paranormal Christmas Romance
Print Length: 117 pages
After fleeing her abusive ex, wulfkin Cacey Varg and her daughter settle happily with a new pack in Finland. As Christmas approaches, Cacey learns her ex has found them and is on his way to take their daughter back. But a massive snowstorm prevents her from packing up and leaving town - and instead delivers a sexy stranger to her doorstep. Can she trust that he isn't one of her ex's henchmen?
Second-in-command to Europe's most powerful wulfkin, hunter Vincent Lyall's spur-of-the-moment decision to check on his ailing mother soon finds him marooned at a cabin in the woods by the blizzard of the century. Trapped with this spirited vixen, resisting temptation is easier said than done . . . But she refuses to believe he is who he says he is.
Is love powerful enough to win when two sexy wolf shifters, an unwelcome past, and animalistic urges wreak havoc on the holiday season?

 Cloaked in Christmas by T.F. Walsh
Cloaked in ChristmasOn the run and hiding out from her abusive mate, Cacey only wants to be left alone and find happiness for both herself and her young daughter. Christmas is not normally a wulfkin celebration, but when Cacey’s daughter discovers the sparkle and magic of the season, like any parent, she wants to give something special to her daughter to make up for the pain she has suffered in the past. When Cacey learns her ex is on the way to take Tianna back, it’s no wonder she reacted with fear and suspicion when a tall and handsome stranger face plants on her door during a bitter winter storm.

Not only is Vincent crazy hot, his power rolls off him in waves and their attraction is raw and to the point of soulful need. Will Cacey find Vincent is a minion sent from her ex or will she discover the whispered tales of Vincent’s position in the wulfkin world are only the tip of the iceberg that is Vincent Lyall. A man of honor, power and deep emotions, has Cacey found someone to give her trust, her heart and her life to?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and T.F. Walsh gifts us with a tale of the best kind of love, ever! CLOAKED IN CHRISTMAS is definitely the perfect addition to any holiday reading shelf! Paranormal lover or not, this “knight in shining armor” tale embodies love, kindness and honor, not to mention the passion of attraction! Anyone who knows the song, Holding Out for a Hero"..looks like Cacey held out just enough, because Vincent is definitely larger than life!!

I received an ARC edition from T.F. Walsh in exchange for my honest review. PRE-ORDER for only $.73!

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