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Finding Kyler by Siobhan Davis ( The Kennedy Boys, #1)

Finding Kyler
by Siobhan Davis


Series: The Kennedy Boys - Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age category: Upper Young Adult
Release Date: January 9, 2017
Two fractured hearts and a forbidden love they can’t deny.

You shouldn’t want what you can’t have…

Faye Donovan has lost everything. After her parent’s tragic death, she’s whisked away from her home in Ireland when an unknown uncle surfaces as her new guardian.

Dropped smack-dab into the All-American dream, Faye should feel grateful. Except living with her wealthy uncle, his fashion-empire-owning wife, and their seven screwed-up sons is quickly turning into a nightmare—especially when certain inappropriate feelings arise.

Kyler Kennedy makes her head hurt and her heart race, but he’s her cousin.

He’s off limits.

And he’s not exactly welcoming—Kyler is ignorant, moody, and downright cruel at times—but Faye sees behind the mask he wears, recognizing a kindred spirit.

Kyler has sworn off girls, yet Faye gets under his skin. The more he pushes her away, the more he’s drawn to her, but acting on those feelings risks a crap-ton of prejudice, and any whiff of scandal could damage the precious Kennedy brand.

Concealing their feelings seems like the only choice.

But when everyone has something to hide, a secret is a very dangerous thing.


Full of scandal, dysfunctional families, teen soap-opera-style angst and drama, secrets and lies, mean girls and catfights, lust and love, book one in the unputdownable Kennedy Boys series will have you flipping the pages’ way beyond bedtime!

Only recommended to readers aged 17+ due to mature content

Finding Kyler by Siobhan Davis ( The Kennedy Boys, #1)

Finding Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #1)FINDING KYLER is proof that author Siobhan Davis has true grit behind her pen and is ready to share it with the world, no apologies, no holding back. Prepare to witness love, raw, desperate and like the Apple in the Garden of Eden, so very forbidden. Prepare to ride your own emotional Tilt-A-Whirl as your very heart and head are tested to their limits as two broken souls find comfort and a kindred spirit in the dysfunctional world they strive to survive in.

Faye has lost everything, her family, her home and even her homeland as she must leave Ireland to make a new life with her wealthy American uncle and his extremely dysfunctional family. Faye’s world is about to turn arse over tea kettle as she meets all of her male cousins, each model gorgeous, damaged by the environment they live in and filled with a dark burn that permeates soul deep.

Of all of her cousins, only one welcomes her with friendship and warmth, but it is the brooding and brutally nasty Kyler that catches more than just her eye. This.Is.Her.Cousin. She shouldn’t be having the reaction she is having towards him, and in spite of his outward attitude, Kyler is attracted to Faye. As a matter of fact, several of her cousins react sexually to her, but why? What has life among the beautiful and rich shown them that makes them so bold?

It’s almost worse than grade school, when the little boy who has a crush on you treats you so terribly just to get your attention, or is Kyler trying to kill off what he feels for the bright, funny and daring Faye? This is the twenty-first century and romantic love between first cousins is a taboo that still isn’t accepted, whether it is for genetic reasons or the uncomfortable feeling it gives us if we put ourselves in their place. Funny, isn’t it? What many in our culture accept and what we find deplorable?

This IS a love story and its filled with pain, loss and a family foundering in their own sewage as seven young men use their looks and their wealth as tools, having no parental figures to look up to or respect. It is a tale of forbidden love between two young people who have found something good to share, only to have it thrown in their faces as ugly and twisted.

Forget getting comfortable when you sit down to read this powerful story. Siobhan Davis has an explosive tale to tell and she does so with spectacular and masterful writing. This is not intended to shock readers, but to open their minds to a world that may be beautiful on the outside, but hideous on the inside. As soon as you find yourself feeling the emotions of the characters and perhaps feeling a little queasy with their relationships, you are hooked and Siobhan Davis has done her job, she made you believe in the world she created. She made you invest your heart and mind and you never saw it coming, and that is an author’s gift to her readers.

Oh.My.Goodness....Holy writing genius.

I received an ARC edition from Siobhan Davis in exchange for my honest review.


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